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Recruitment Gamification What You Need to Know

January 12, 2021

Companies use gamification for various departments. From boosting worker morale through quotes to holding sales teams accountable through point systems, the strategy is used everywhere. It comes as no surprise when companies use it for recruitment.

However, it is important to note that adding gamification to recruitment doesn’t automatically transform this sector. It will only help if you integrate it the right way. Gamification is a tool; you have to learn how to use it, or it won’t help you.

So how do you use gamification the right way? And how can you boost recruitment with it? The answer is simple, and by the end of this article, you’ll know precisely how.

What gamification looks like in recruitment

Gamification in recruitment works off the principle of creating an environment of self-motivation. The framework is built around getting people wanting to work. And it does this by making recruitment people centric.

The first example you should know about is Dominos. It is a great case study of the first step for recruitment: getting job applications. They use a point system to get people invested in their product. Customers get rewards for making their own pizzas, which attracts job hunters looking for fun and innovative teams.

Next comes the shortlisting phase. After identifying candidates, you have to choose the ones best fit for the job. And the easiest way to do this is by testing their knowledge in a natural setting. There are two credible examples here. Phoenix software tests their candidates by having them participate in escape rooms with current employees.

On the other hand, Google organizes a Code Jam where programmers compete for a cash prize. The best of the best gather together and the company gets a list of competent coders with little effort or investment.

The last stage of recruitment is onboarding, and you can use gamification here too. Deloitte uses an online platform to inform users of company policies and give tours.

How you can implement gamification in recruitment

The best recruitment drives will attract top tier talent. And you can do it, too; all you need are the right gamification features in the right places.

Leaderboards and competitions

Set up competitions and get customers to engage with your content, and offer rewards so they want to take part. For example, you can give out discounts, loyalty cards, money, or free products. Anything that will make people want to spend time on your website is a viable option.

Then use leaderboards to keep records of these competitions. Give ranks and ask people to defend their titles. Any engagement will attract job applicants and increase brand publicity.


M15 used crosswords in newspapers to recruit code breakers for World War II, and now PwC uses multi poly to identify potential employees. Puzzles are one of the best ways to recruit because you can test knowledge and shortlist quickly.

Depending on your business needs, and what position needs filling, the puzzle you design will vary. However, some standard metrics are problem-solving, coping with pressure, and thinking creatively. Using these tests, you can ensure that any new employee has the aptitude to succeed in their role.

Plus, they’re fun and are more likely to engage workers than boring interviews or skills tests.


What does your onboarding process look like right now? Is it a series of tedious seminars, workshops, and flyers? Because if so, you’re not alone. This is what most look like. And this hurts employee morale quite a bit.

If you choose to gamify, you can make the process fun and more effective since employees will be invested in the program. But how can you implement gamification in company policy and procedure?

All you have to do is create a story. Use a game or online platform, create a character, and have new workers interact with other players’ (other employees) characters. You can also add a progress bar and offer rewards for completing milestones. For example, players can get a medal for every seminar they complete.


Adding gamification to recruitment is a great idea and holds the potential to transform your workplace completely. And if you’re planning to do it, you should know two things: what it looks like and how to do it.

You can read up on the first part. There are tons of companies that have successfully integrated gamification into their recruitment models. However, the second part is tricky. You haven’t done gamification in recruitment before and won’t automatically know what works.

In such instances, you can do one of two things: trial and error or consult a firm. Trial and error will take time and cost you many resources and effort before you see results. On the other hand, consulting a firm like Spinify can save you a lot of trouble because we have experience and know what works. Reach out and ask for a demo to get started.

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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