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Remote Sales Coaching – Must Know Techniques

February 12, 2022

In everyday circumstances, the transition to remote work happens gradually. It takes time to make effective plans, teach your team, and train them successfully. However, with so many teams shifted to remote work without prior warning due to the pandemic, sales leaders only had a brief period to design a plan and get ready for this drastic and unexpected change.

Educating and leading a remote sales team can be a daunting task, especially since humans thrive on personal interactions. In addition, when sales reps work from home, it can blur the lines between life and work, which can cause anxiety and stress. This is where a sales coach comes in. A sales coach keeps the energy going and mentors the sales reps so they can fulfill their goals and not feel a sense of abandonment.

What is Remote Sales Coaching?

Remote sales coaching is a technique that all sales teams must use. Essentially, it is a method that gives individualized support and feedback to empower all sellers to accomplish their selling objectives.

So how does it work? Well, this process is cultivated by recognizing limiting practices and rectifying them through repeated feedback and conversation – but from the comfort of your own home. Coaches and sales agents work together over video calling software and use online tools to undergo training.

Techniques To Use For Effective Remote Sales Coaching

Mentoring in a remote setting presents exceptional difficulties that a salesperson might not have faced when training an in-office group. For example, how can you be completely aware of what is going on with your reps? What can you do to lift up their spirits and keep them focused on their goals?

Here are some techniques that salespeople use worldwide to coach their teams.

1.  Take Out Time To Listen To Sales Calls

You cannot determine how your reps are performing since they no longer work in the office. To mentor your group effectively, you really want to realize how they respond to possibilities, what is working for them, and what challenges they face.

Since you are no longer in an office space, how can you listen to calls and determine their progress?

To begin with, make sure that all sales calls and online meetings are being recorded. Then, take out some time to listen to these recorded calls during the week. You can also use software, so you can even join in as a call is occurring and pay attention to how your reps handle discussions.

It is clear; you cannot spend your entire week paying attention to calls. Assuming you are dealing with a bigger group and cannot sort through the sea of calls to determine which one is important. You can always give this obligation to the reps. You can ask your agents to select calls for you to review, the best and the worst. Then, at that point, you will have a superior comprehension of their qualities and shortcomings, which means you can mentor them all the more explicitly on the abilities they need to improve.

2.  Have A Clear Working Agenda

While being a salesperson clearly entails that you have a lot on your hands at all times, the work burden may have further increased since you now have scheduled one on one meetings with your sales reps as well. To make these meetings effective and quick, make sure you have a clear agenda. 

To help speed the process up, you can always email them a general outline of what you would like to focus on in the meeting. This can include specific sales tactics, closed deals, etc. In addition, you can always ask a series of questions, so you can determine their progress and weak areas.

By following the above approach, you will be more involved in the process, and the reps will have a more structured environment if they might need help at any point.

3.  Adjust Your Coaching Methods To Your Employee’s Goals

Why are your reps in their business profession? Could it be that they are looking for a promotion? Is it true that they are hoping to improve a specific set of skills? Do they dream of being their own boss one day by starting their own company?

At the point where you are mindful of every rep’s personal goal, you will have a better idea to direct your efforts. It is best to set up a meeting to discuss your rep’s present and long-term goals.

Then, assist them with making an action plan so they can reach those objectives. In the event that their short-term goals focus on improving their cold calling skills, work with them to recognize specific shortcomings and areas where they can improve.

Assuming their long-term goal is to get promoted, assist them with getting what they need to meet all the requirements for that promotion and the measures they can take to get there. By planning your coaching around your rep’s objectives, every meeting will be a strong learning tool, and you will make an efficient and hardworking sales team.

4.   Conclude Each Personal Meeting With A Clear Action Plan

Each coaching session should prove to be effective and push the sales rep to achieve specific goals. Suppose you want your employees to leave the personal meeting with a clear idea of what they need to achieve. In that case, the meeting should end with an encouraging note and a call to action.

In case you are working with your sales reps to achieve specific goals for their career, you need to give them precise and clear-cut instructions that they need to take in the coming week and have them report on their growth at the following meeting. In addition, if you are attempting to assist them with working on a specific skill, for example, cold calling, determine a set number of occasions they should complete the task during the week.

By laying out a clear strategy for every rep, you will inspire them to make a move and further develop their abilities.

The Key Takeaway

The majority of companies have been forced into working in a remote environment – and assuming that you did not get on board with the virtual platforms previously, you need to do it ASAP. Sales coaching is something that unites your team and teaches administrators and leaders the same.

Having an astounding remote plan of attack will assist you with meeting your objectives rapidly, and what is additionally significant – it will assist with integrating your salespeople to work collectively, become competitive and keep them on track with your organization’s best practices. At Spinify, we can help you adopt the best remote sales coaching techniques. Check our Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news!

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