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Retaining Employees through Gamification

January 7, 2020



Employees commonly cite a lack of constructive feedback as one of the main causes behind job disengagement. 

So even if you say: “Good job on closing that deal, Mary!” because she’s one of your top performers, it’s not constructive feedback. 

She’s just praised for the action – not the work that led up to it. 

Spinify helps you coach every employee on your team the way they need to be coached

Forget about 360 feedback and long 1-on-1s. 

You’ll understand every employee’s performance, so when the time comes for constructive feedback, you’ll know exactly how to help them engage with their job more.

Continuous Improvement

Your employees want to feel like they’re growing both as people and professionals while working at your company.

Normally, a lot of them settle into their jobs and complete the tasks they’ve been given for the day. These tasks become routine fast, and it can feel as though there is no room for improvement.

Gamification brings light to all the growth taking place as your employees complete their tasks.

You can set up and customize your objectives in your Spinify gamification dashboard.

Your employees will be rewarded for every task they complete. They’ll know they are progressing towards achieving the overall goal. 

They’ll also be able to track their performance stats and compare their performance period to period.

Finally, when your employees achieve something particularly amazing, their favorite song will start playing, queuing up an impromptu celebration.

Start off Right with Gamified Training

Onboarding is key to engaging and retaining your talent

The expectations you set early on will define future performance. 

Additionally, if your new employees perceive their jobs as engaging and motivating, they’re more likely to carry that feeling through their entire tenure at your company.

Just as you can customize everything else in your Spinify dashboard, you can also customize your employees’ goals.

This way, you can create specific objectives and monitor KPIs important for the employees you are onboarding.

You can also choose to include them in existing competitions to streamline training and encourage teamwork and user adoption.

Recognition and Retention

Finally, we all want to feel valued for the work we’re doing.
Your employees are no exception.

The best thing about using gamification to retain your employees is the fact that you can give feedback and recognition on the spot.

With Spinify, your employees can feel motivated through:

  • Achievements – Reward everyone for the amazing things they’ve done and the milestones they’ve reached
  • Contests – Introduce some healthy competition, and watch everyone’s engagement skyrocket
  • Rewards – Have your employees redeem points for rewards in the Reward Store

After all, who would want to leave a company that’s so much fun?

How Pros Use Gamification to Retain Their Employees

Cisco Aspire

The folks at Cisco have a specialized social media training program for all employees; from HR managers who need to hire new talent, to sales reps who need to reach new prospects. They have specialized progression levels, as well as fun inter-departmental contests.  

Coldwell Banker Town & Country

The team at Coldwell uses Spinify to motivate their salespeople. Since their team is already pretty driven, it helps to see results and stats in real-time. 

And when it comes to retention, gamification is also a powerful competitive advantage:
“Real Estate Agents love seeing their name in lights. It sets us apart from our competitors.”

How Spinify Helps You Retain Employees through Gamification

Spinify is one of the most powerful gamification solutions today! 

And the best part is: it’s simple.

All you have to do is customize your Spinify dashboard to your team’s liking. Your employees will be able to monitor their progress, take part in fun contests, and receive feedback. At the same time, you’ll get coaching insights and real-time performance data.

And when you show your employees that you want them to have fun, you can bet they’re going to love working at your company!

Sales Increase

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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