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Sales Coaching can Improve your Business

July 15, 2022

According to a recent study, only 24.3% of the salespeople surveyed reached or exceeded their targets in the year 2021.

Does this imply that the rest of the salespeople aren’t doing their jobs properly or that they are terrible at it? Or does it mean that the sales coaching programs in their companies may not be effective enough?

We are willing to bet that it’s a mix of both. While basic sales coaching might have once been enough to get salespeople going into the field, that’s simply not the case today.

With shifting preferences of the customers and changing market dynamics, an old-fashioned, garden-variety sales training program is not going to cut it. An effective sales coaching supports and aids sales professionals in the development of their skills. A sales coach should be able to create a plan for each individual member of their team, provide feedback and guidance on how to improve performance, and motivate the team to achieve goals.

The process of sales coaching is gradual. It starts with a one-on-one conversation in which the coach and the salesperson discuss what they think are the biggest challenges that they need to address. From there, they develop an action plan that includes specific steps for improvement.

It can also be done in groups through workshops or webinars. This way, it’s possible to address shared challenges such as how to ask questions or how to use social media effectively to generate more leads.

How sales coaching increases performances

Some salespeople have natural gifts and skills to be a successful salesperson. But they need to be coached, trained, and groomed properly to help them reach the potential and perform better on the job.

A good way for managers to coach their sales reps is by using gamification, leaderboards, and 360-degree feedback surveys. 


Gamification is a process which allows you to create an engaging environment for your employees by adding a game-like experience to the work they do. It usually involves some sort of game or competition where participants are rewarded for their achievements. Some common types of gamifications in use today are leaderboards, points, badges. Gamifying work will also motivate your employees, as this technique incentivizes participation and engagement.


Leaderboards are another strategy that salespeople have been using for years to boost motivation and engagement levels among employees. The idea is simple: create a leaderboard displaying the company’s top salesperson or total sales, and reward the top performer with cash, recognition, or other incentives. Having a leaderboard for your remote teams and employees can incentivize them to perform better.

360-Degree Feedback

When you use this technique, you evaluate a salesperson’s performance by soliciting feedback from people who are in contact with the employee. The information obtained is used to assess the employee’s strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for improvement, and provide coaching suggestions.

Once your employees are through with sales coaching, they will come out of the process more confident and stronger at their jobs. They will find it easier to close deals, communicate better, be more comfortable working in teams, and understand your company’s vision better. 

Effective sales coaching doesn’t happen overnight or in one meeting. It will take time and work to develop your sales team, but the right sales coaching method will only improve your business in the long term.

How sales coaching improves business

Sales coaching helps salespeople to identify their strengths and weaknesses and get them to become more productive, confident, and successful at work.

Salespeople will get to know your company better

Salespeople will have a deeper bond with your company. They will have a more in-depth understanding of the work and products. They will have all the information on their fingertips and can understand the customer’s needs and recommending products or services that will suit them best. Salespeople will be more loyal to your company. With this understanding, they will have a better idea of what would fit in with your company’s goals and standards. They will also be more likely to refer their friends and family to the company for jobs or services that they find appealing.

Salespeople will focus on their strengths

Salespeople will no longer have to worry about generating content for their clients. They can instead focus on their strengths—selling and closing deals. Sales coaching is not only about teaching salespeople new skills, but about helping them identify what they do well and how they can use those skills to help achieve company goals. Salespeople can focus on things that matter and avoid wasting time on things that don’t as they build their sales career and contribute to your sales goals.

Salespeople will be more likely to meet their goals or targets

With a right sales coaching program, your salespeople are more likely to achieve their targets and generate revenue, which in turn improves their performance and results. This has a positive impact on the overall performance of a sales team and results in increased sales, which is invaluable for any company looking to grow.

Sales coaching improves employee retention

When your employees resign, you will have to go through recruiting and training your employees all over again. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process. But with a proper sales coaching program, you will greatly increase employee retention, which is a huge plus when it comes to the bottom-line of your company. It will help prevent employee turnover and save costs in the long run.

Final word

Sales coaching is crucial for a company’s success. And Spinify understands that. That’s why we tailor our coaching programs to suit the size of our client’s companies and the nature of their businesses. We identify and break down barriers which may be preventing an employee from selling successfully, and we train them accordingly.

But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself what our happy clients have to say about our programs.

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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