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The Art of Topping the Leaderboard: Strategies for Employee Success

September 5, 2023

Sales managers, CEOs, and sales leaders in the workplace should always have their employee’s best interests at heart. Sales leadership should strive to look for opportunities to push employees to excel and improve their day-to-day workweek – so you can build a highly engaged workforce. The best way to do this is to coach your team through their challenges, offer constructive feedback, and push them to the top of the leaderboard. 

Not only will this improve the experience for the individual, but it will also help you retain top talent and build a high-performing team. Studies suggest high-performing teams are 21 times less likely to let tasks fall through the cracks and 55 times less likely to start projects they won’t finish. 

However, if your focus is always on your top performers, it can leave the rest of your team feeling unrecognized and unfilled, impacting your retention and increasing turnover over time. Instead, you’ll want to focus on discovering innovative ways to inspire employee success.  

We’re here to walk you through innovative strategies you can use to inspire employee success and keep your team engaged during their workweek. 

Let’s dive in:

12 Employee Success Strategies 

If you want your team to progress professionally and stay motivated, you must build a thriving company culture built on engagement, collaboration, and communication. With employee success strategies, you can rethink the workplace experience for your team and set them up for success. 

Here are 12 employee success strategies to consider:

Plan Mini Games and Competitions

Mini-games, contests, and competitions are tactics you can use to inspire friendly competition and make the workplace experience fun. These gamified strategies work the same way video games work. Every contest they win or level they beat – they’ll get a serotonin boost and instant gratification, pushing them towards success in a fun and entertaining way. 

You can use sales contest software to create mini-games and competitions in various ways, depending on what department you’re looking to keep engaged and what goals you want them to commit to. 

Fine-Tune Your Recognition Program

Companies should recognize team members for every big or small accomplishment. This helps keep your team engaged with their workweek tasks and reminds them that they’re an irreplaceable part of your team. However, it’s challenging to keep up with every win and accomplishment. 

With sales gamification software like Spinify, you can instantly recognize your team for their contributions. Our software will provide instant gratification to your team, which will keep them inspired and feeling recognized for their achievements.  

Use Incentives and Prizes Sparingly 

While incentives and an innovative reward system are game elements your brand can use to spark motivation, they shouldn’t be the driving force for your team member’s success. You should use incentives and prizes sparingly, and the focus should always be on the professional development you will achieve, not the prize you’ll receive. This will help your team stay on track with their goals and remind them of the importance of the bigger picture. 

Celebrate Every Win – No Matter How Big or Small 

If you’re always celebrating the top sales rep bringing in the most sales or new business – it could start to impact the rest of your team. Recognizing every sales winner keeps your team engaged with their workweek week tasks. This is also a great way to keep new hires, veterans, and overachievers engaged with their workweek.

Use Sales Coaching to Inspire Your Team Members

The best way to ensure your team is on the path toward success is to coach them through every challenge, setback, and opportunity. With sales coaching, you can help your team create a road map for their success. This will keep them on task and help them find new opportunities. 

With sales gamification software like Spinify, you can use custom dashboards and data to drive discussions with every team member. This will allow you to create a personalized approach and give you the data and insight you need to develop a plan that’s unique to them. 

Another great way to enhance your sales coaching is to use performance grids in our Spinify Sales toolkit. Performance grids help determine everyone’s current and future position. You can use these grids as a guide during your sales coaching meetings and to ensure you’re always two steps ahead of any challenges or setbacks. 

Develop Personalized KPIs and Targets 

Each team member is different. They have different goals, years of experience, clients, and ethics. To succeed with sales coaching and other gamification initiatives, you’ll want to develop personalized KPIs for each team member. While personalizing the experience for each individual on your team may be time-consuming, it will ensure everyone has the tools and resources they need to reach and exceed their goals. 

Increase Visibility With a Leaderboard  

Leaderboards are an interactive game element your brand can leverage to help your team visualize their success. This interactive tool is a real-time measurement of everyone’s success. This is a great way to show each team member how close or far they are from reaching their goals so that they can readjust their work week.

Keep Morale High With Celebrations

Who doesn’t love a celebration! If your company culture is all work and no play – it could impact your team morale and increase your internal turnover. When you take the time to celebrate your team, plan team-building experiences, and set up fun-filled events or virtual happy hours – it will start to impact your numbers positively. 

Use Badges and Points 

Badges and points are other game elements that can help your team visualize their success. With these game elements, you can make every workday a fun experience for your team. With Spinify, we have point systems, leaderboards, and badges built into our platform. With these interactive components, you can keep your team engaged with workweek tasks and give them the tools they need to adjust their workweek so they can continue to climb the leaderboard. 

Mix Things Up Regularly 

If you’re always using the same mini-games, contests, badges, or competitions – your team will quickly lose interest in the workweek. Instead, you’ll want to mix things up and adjust your approach regularly. This will keep your team on their toes and inspire them to try something new. 

Personalize Celebrations

Your teams want to feel recognized for their contributions and be celebrated in the workplace. No matter how big or small the accomplishment is. This helps them stay engaged and feel appreciated. 

However, if every team member is celebrated the same way, it might get old – fast. Instead, consider small ways you can personalize every workplace celebration. 

This will keep your team on their toes and make it a more exciting experience for everyone. 

With Spinify, you can personalize your team’s celebrations to align with their goals and aspirations. We’ll even play their favorite song when they finally reach a goal or accomplish something big!

Countdown Clocks

Countdown clocks are game elements you can use to add a sense of urgency and kick your team into high gear. Urgency is a great motivation booster that will push your team to reach and exceed their goals by the end of the day, week, or year. 

We recommend adding a countdown clock to every small activity you have planned. Whether it’s a contest to see who can book the most demos, make the most calls, or reach their revenue goal – all of these mini-games can benefit from a countdown clock. 

Inspire Employee Success With Gamification 

Spinify is an innovative gamification sales software designed with your sales team in mind. With our dashboards, mini-games, leaderboards, and other game elements – you can keep your team on task and engaged. 

Once you make our sales gamification tools part of your daily routine, you can show every member of your team they’re destined for greatness. Our gamified tools and resources will keep them on track to reach their goals and inspire them to go above and beyond during their 9-5. 

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