BLOG / The Future is Now: How Spinify’s Sales Gamification + AI is Changing the Game

The Future is Now: How Spinify’s Sales Gamification + AI is Changing the Game

April 23, 2023

Spinify Sales Gamification

AI is quickly becoming more than just another buzzword. Whether it’s chat GPT, BARD, or DALL-E: These tools are changing how we work and visualize the workplace experience. 

While AI has been around for a while, it’s never been as advanced as today. We only expect it to get bigger and better in the upcoming years. 

If you’re a traditionalist wary of AI – you risk falling behind. These tools can dramatically change how you work for the better and should be embraced rather than avoided. 

At Spinify, we’ve incorporated AI into your sales gamification tools to provide our customers with a next-level experience that helps them keep employees engaged while boosting their revenue. Our AI-driven gamification tool, Sidekick – powered by Spinify, is unlike anything else you’ve seen on the market. 

We’re here to walk you through the background of gamification AI, the benefits of using Spinify Sidekick, and how it differs from other gamification tools. 

Let’s take a closer look:

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool that uses artificial human intelligence to complete tasks, brainstorm ideas, and help improve creative efficiency. The AI boom happened between 1980 and 1987. However, it wasn’t until the first decade of the 21st century that artificial intelligence was seen as an invaluable tool. 

How is AI Used in the Workplace?

AI is dramatically changing the workplace experience. Whether digital design, content creation, or automation – these tools are a must-have to stay ahead of trends, not just a “nice to have.” If your business is not on top of the trends or uses AI, your competitors may be a few steps ahead.

How AI is Changing the Game

Since the AI revolution started in 2012, AI has drastically changed how we work and handle everyday tasks. It’s expected by 2025; AI will eliminate over 85 million jobs around the world

Before you start to panic – remember that AI is merely a tool that professionals can use to improve efficiency and productivity. It doesn’t provide the human touch needed to build connections with your customers and grow your book of business. 

If you’re new to AI, here are a few simple ways to start using it:

  • Handles repetitive tasks: AI tools can help streamline mundane tasks, keep your team organized, and help with project management. 
  • Brainstorm marketing copy: Can help with email copy, social media captions, landing pages, and more.  
  • Research: Can help collect, analyze, and understand data to help you formulate strategies. 

AI and Gamification – How Businesses Can Use Both

AI and gamification both have their unique perks and similarities. In today’s digital age, they both provide meaningful value to the workplace and can help businesses improve sales performance and keep their team on task toward a common goal. 

While both work great independently, using both in the same application can be even more beneficial. 

Machine learning and gamification can keep your team engaged throughout the workweek and create a highly collaborative work environment. AI-driven tools can complement your gamified tactics by personalizing and automating the experience for your team. It will use your team’s data to create games and competitions that align with each individual’s needs. 

AI can also help predict user behavior and adjust the experience to increase motivation when morale is low. This ensures that you have a highly engaged workplace that thrives on engagement. 

Five Ways to Use AI and Gamification

There are many ways businesses can use gamification AI in the workplace. While some use cases are more popular than others, all can be beneficial and worth testing out. 


If interviewing for a technical position, you may want your interviewees to complete a project or walk through a job scenario. This experience is like a game to see how well the individual can perform the job duties. During the trial run, you’ll want to collect data on their progress so that you can later analyze the results to see if they are a good fit for the position. 

Businesses like Marriott have candidates go through a My Marriott Hotel experience. This game tests their knowledge of the job duties and sees if they can accurately perform them. At the end of the experience, leadership can discuss the data to see if they’re a good fit.

Employee Training 

Let’s face it – employee training sessions can be… Boring. If you’re bogging your new hires down with paperwork, tutorials, and boring videos – you’ll lose their attention, which can be counterproductive. When you use a learning management system like Docebo or Elcuidat, you can personalize the training experience and turn it into a hands-on experience. 

These tools help your human resources team create personalized content and keep track of your new hire’s progress in real-time. At the end of the training, your team will feel inspired to take on their own tasks and ready to hit the ground running.

Engage With the Sales Team

Sales gamification software is an invaluable tool that turns the sales process into an interactive experience for sales managers and account executives. With a tool like Spinify, you can use gamification to keep your team engaged with workweek tasks while using AI to help them with creative efficiency and improve overall productivity. 

Spinify provides leaderboards, progress bars, and badges that leaders can use to inspire friendly competition and keep their teams engaged with workweek activities. 

Improve Customer Experience 

In today’s digital age, customers want answers in real time. They don’t want to wait for customer service to respond to their email or to be put on hold when they call your business. With AI-driven chatbots, businesses can address customers’ questions and concerns, even when they aren’t online. These chatbots use human intelligence to answer simple questions and help shoppers as much as possible before connecting with customer service. 

Gamified chatbots like Botsurfer use game elements to engage with the customers on the landing page. They use rewards and a point system to engage with the individual and hide easter eggs for your customers to find to add a hint of your company’s personality. 

What is Spinify?

If you’re new to us – Spinify is a sales gamification software that uses game elements to keep your team engaged with everyday tasks. With our solution, you can use progress bars, leaderboards, badges, and mini-games to keep your team on top of their sales numbers and help them reach their goals. Our solution is fun, innovative, and unlike anything else. 

Here’s how some of our most popular features and benefits:

Recognition and Fun

Recognition is a necessity for a thriving workplace experience. Without recognition, your team may feel like their contributions to the workplace often go unnoticed. Spinify helps keep your team’s achievements and accomplishments top of mind. 

Whether your team reaches its goal or they steal the top spot on the leaderboard – Spinify will reward and congratulate top performers for their contributions. This ensures your team is consistently recognized for their contributions. 


Coaching helps individuals develop personally and professionally. With our gamification software, leaders in the workplace will always have a pulse on your team’s progress. This will help you visualize their success and provide the data you need to help them reach their goals and grow professionally. 

Metrics and Data 

Our platform keeps track of your team’s success in real-time. So you’ll always have metrics, data, and insights you can refer to when setting KPIs or building out your strategies. 

This data also helps your team visualize their success and understand what they need to do to reach their goals and grow as a professional. This data can also help restructure your work week, host mini-games, and inspire friendly competition. 

Competition and Visibility

Healthy competition keeps your team entertained and engaged. If your team members are clocking in for their 9-5 and just mere;t checking off tasks on their to-do list, they may never feel the need to go above and beyond with their goals or to exceed expectations. 

With progress bars, leaderboards, badges, and mini-games, your team will get that drive that needs to do more with their workweek. This will push them to reach their goals and more. 

That’s only skimming the surface of the features and capabilities of Spinify. Our solution can easily integrate into your CRM and dramatically change the workplace experience for your business and your sales team as a whole. 

How we use AI to Enhance the Experience 

Our sales gamification software has been helping sales teams reach and exceed their goals. But we decided to take things one step further by pairing our gamification tool with the power of AI. 

We have recently announced our newest tool: Spinify Sidekick. This tool uses AI and gamification to help enhance the workplace experience and create an integrative experience for everyone. 

Here’s what our new tool can do:

Instant Gratification

Sidekick will instantly reward your team when they reach a milestone, exceed their sales goals, or come out on top during a challenge. This will help them feel appreciated and recognized for their contributions. 

Personalize Experience 

Sidekick uses your team’s data and insights to create fun-filled challenges for each individual. A more segmented and personalized approach to the sales experience will help your team stay motivated and inspired and implement the best sales practices into their workweek. 

Challenge Creation

The challenge creation process can be… a challenge. With our tool, you can brainstorm fun, interactive new sales competitions that your team will enjoy – so you can focus on the more important tasks.

Get more from your workweek with Spinify

Ready to see how gamification and AI work together? You’ve come to the right place! At Spinify, we are more than just software your company can use. We’re a partner dedicated to helping you create a fun, interactive experience for you and your employees. 
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