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The Role Of Gamification In Creating Sales Engagement

August 20, 2020

The use of modern game mechanics for boosting internal motivation is known as gamification. But the question is, how does it drive sales engagement?

Before we discuss the role of gamification in creating sales engagement, it’s worth learning about the term itself. According to ResearchGate, gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.

Think of gamification as a sales rep trying to call 100 customers a day. The task will get too boring too soon. But if the sales rep starts perceiving the job as a game or competition, his/her routine will become entertaining, leading to more sales engagement.

In today’s piece, we’ll discuss some roles of gamification in creating or driving sales engagement. But first, let’s learn a bit about sales engagement.

What’s Sales Engagement

Sales engagement is an activity that takes place between the buyer and seller, which can be measured in time and touchpoints. Beyond the basic definition, sales engagement is also about understanding a buyer’s journey and supporting a salesperson’s safari.

Here are the four elements that clearly explains the term sales engagement.

  • Ways through which salespeople and buyers communicate.
  • Understanding and supporting the journey of buyers.
  • Frequency of how many times interactions took place between reps and buyers.
  • The substance of reps/buyers interactions.

Sales engagement come from salespeople putting in their effort to establish a relationship with customers. But where does gamification fit in with sales engagement? Or how can it boost sales engagement? Read on to find all the answers.

Roles of Gamification in Creating Sales Engagement

Gamification adds interest, competition, and challenge in every task. Below are some roles of gamification in driving sales engagement.

Serves As A Motivation Tool

Motivation can lead to extraordinary things, and the same goes for sales engagement. When your sales team is highly motivated, they’ll contribute to surging the level of sales engagement.

The members of your sales team will be motivated by prizes, competition, and recognition to go all-in. Thanks to gamification, your sales team will be entirely devoted to create and maintain excellent relationships with customers.

Through gamification, your sales team will have the motivation to complete a task in a grand fashion and move onto the next one. They’ll be delighted to connect with the customers and build a healthy relationship with them.

The motivation factor of gamification will not let anyone get stuck in a rut. All the sales team members will pursue the tasks on hand and look forward to engaging more with the customers.

Higher Commitment Level 

72% of employees claim that gamification inspires them to work harder. This means that gamification takes the commitment level of teams to a whole new level.

A committed and hard-working team guarantees impressive results. Gamification boosts the elements of commitment and hard-work in sales teams, which drives sales engagement.

When a salesperson is committed, he/she will put in extra effort to boost sales engagement. A hard-working salesperson will engage with potential customers and try to convert them into buyers.

Betting on a committed team means that you will not have to worry about revenue. Your committed sales team will make their jobs the number one priority. All you need to do is just invest in the gamification system.

Boost Competitiveness

According to 89% of employees, Gamified tasks make sales teams more competitive. And competitiveness means the desire to be more successful than others, which results in members creating a healthy competition.

Competitiveness increases sales engagement. When everyone has the desire to be better and more significant, all of your team members will put in the extra effort. They’ll reach more customers, engage with them more often, and attract them to become buyers.

To come out as a winner, your sales team members will carefully communicate with clients to turn them into buyers. It will not only increase your company’s overall revenue. But lure more potential buyers towards your company.

Gamification adds competitiveness. And it urges every member of the sales team to secure more buyers and expand the business.

Birth to High-Performance Culture

The rate of sales engagement depends on the culture of a company. A low-performance culture will not seed a high rate of sales engagement. However, a high-performance and robust culture will surely increase the rate of sales engagement.

Around 95% of employees enjoy gamification in their work. When the sales team enjoys their job, they tend to be more productive. As every person in the group competes against each other, it gives birth to a high-performance culture.

In a high-performance culture, all employees are dedicated to their jobs. Everyone is fueled with energy to work hard and cultivate the desired results. As the job of a sales team is to communicate with clients, all the sales members will be looking forward to more engagement with customers.

Every person in the sales team will be more focused on reaching an agreement with the clients. In a high-performance culture, nobody backs down. Everyone is determined to out-perform their colleagues and be the best.


Gamification undoubtedly aids sales engagement, which boosts the overall sales performance of teams. Properly implementing the basics of gamification in your sales team will help you to create and increase sales engagement.

Although gamification isn’t a silver bullet that will produce miracles in minutes, you’ll see great results in the long run.

Sales engagement is essential for every company. If your sellers aren’t properly engaging with the buyers, it can hugely affect your company. With gamification, you give employees the much-needed reward to complete a target. This, in return, increases the urge to do their job full-heartedly and engage with clients.

If done the right way, sales gamification can also result in better customer services.

Without gamification, sales engagement is just a myth as your sales team members will not be motivated enough. Adding gamification truly elevates the level of sales engagement in your company and make it stand out.

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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