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Top 10 Workplace Apps Using Gamification

Workplace Apps Using Gamification

If you work a corporate 9-5, you’ve likely heard the buzzword gamification once or twice. Gamification is a tool businesses can use to inspire employees, improve workplace productivity, and enhance sales performance. Don’t just take it from us – one study suggests that 89% of employees believe they’d be more productive at work with gamification. 

If you aren’t familiar with gamification, this integrates game practices with non-gaming tasks to boost productivity and learning. This process helps turn tedious workplace tasks into fun ones. With gamification, companies of every size have a unique opportunity to enhance the work-life experience for the employee. 

If you’re looking for fun ways to incorporate sales gamification software – you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are our top 10 workplace apps using gamification in 2024.


Spinify is a next-level gamification app that will enhance your company’s workweek. 

The platform has a variety of game elements that can help boost productivity, including:

  • Leaderboards
  • Contests
  • Points, achievements, and badges
  • Rewards

There are also fun and innovative ways to improve performance management and help your team stay on top of its goals. 

  • Complete employee performance profiles
  • Unique coaching insights
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Enhanced AI features

This app will keep remote, on-site, and hybrid teams engaged and connected. So you can feel confident that everyone has what they need to collaborate on projects and stay motivated throughout the workweek – even if you’re working remotely!



Todoist inspires individuals to complete everyday tasks and cross everything off their to-do lists. You’ll get a reward for every deadline you successfully meet and move up a few levels.

If you forget to do a few to-dos, you may risk dropping a level or losing the progress you’ve worked hard to gain. This setup inspires working professionals to clock in for the work week, stay focused, and complete tasks. If you invest in a paid plan and invite all your team to join, they can also share their progress, delegate tasks and collaborate. This tool is great for project managers, operations, human resources, and other roles with a long checklist of items they need to complete.


TalentCards is a gamification platform that helps organizations improve employee training and engagement. The platform offers a mobile-friendly experience that allows companies to create and distribute bite-sized training courses through a game-based format. TalentCards’ unique approach makes learning more interactive, enjoyable, and practical, leading to increased retention and engagement rates. 

The platform also offers features like analytics and reporting, allowing managers to track their employees’ progress and identify improvement areas. Overall, TalentCards is an excellent tool for organizations looking to enhance their training programs and improve their employees’ skills and knowledge.


Another fun and interactive productivity app that businesses can use to improve the workplace experience is Perkville. This app has an integrated loyalty program and automated reward system employees and customers can benefit from. 

The main goal of Perville is to increase customer loyalty, improve social media engagement, and fill your pipeline with viable leads. With Perkville, you can inspire some friendly competition in the workplace and use their reward system to help your sales team stay ahead of their sales performance.

Bounty Tasker

Is your team completing their to-do list every day? Do they need help to stay focused? If so, consider the gamification app Bounty Tasker. 

This fun, innovative productivity management tool invites role-playing game mechanics into the workplace. Each team member is a character with a to-do list. 

Every task they can successfully check off their list leads to a reward. With Bounty Tasker, your team can take on tedious tasks and turn them into entertaining moments. 



If you need to train your employees in particular skills, do it with Treehouse. This interactive online training platform helps your team build the skills they need to succeed in their current role at your company. Whether you want to cross-train them, teach them something new, or improve their overall skillset – this is the go-to gamification software solution for all things training. 

Treehouse features an extensive library of expert-led video courses and utilizes quizzes, challenges, and other gamification techniques to keep your team engaged from start to finish. Throughout the training process on the gamification app, your team will receive badges and points for their accomplishments. The reward system will help motivate work on a specific set of skills and help you build a thriving workplace dynamic. 


Did you know 33% of employees want to see more game elements and features in their employee training software? The best way to do this is by gamifying the onboarding experience with QuizGame. This gamification platform will help you train new employees and familiarize them with the workplace dynamic. Through a series of gamified quizzes, a reward system, and training experiences, your team will get to strengthen their understanding of your product offerings and everything in between. 

Whether it’s a friendly match of group trivia, challenges, or a dual – you can feel confident your team will engage with the experience from start to finish. This gamification platform is perfect for onboarding, employee training, or employee engagement events. However, it’s not necessarily the perfect gamification app for day-to-day activities.


Achievers is an employee engagement and recognition platform that helps organizations improve their culture and employee performance. The platform provides various tools and features that allow companies to reward and recognize their employees for their hard work and achievements, increasing motivation and job satisfaction. 

Achievers also offers communication tools and feedback mechanisms, allowing employees to provide feedback and share ideas with their colleagues and management. This helps to create a collaborative and inclusive work environment, improving productivity and fostering innovation. With Achievers, organizations can boost their employee engagement and retention rates, resulting in a more prosperous and sustainable business.



If you have a small team, Habitica is the perfect app. This productivity app focuses on helping your team complete new tasks, improve sales performance, pick up a new skill, and develop professionally. 

Using this gamification app will inspire your team members to meet their weekly goals and give them the motivation they need to build better habits. Throughout the experience, they’ll be rewarded with points and unlock new pets. The more tasks they complete, the more they’ll continue to level up.

This is one of our favorite productivity apps. However, it’s not necessarily a team-centric app. While it uses gamification to create an engaging experience, it does not unify your team or help them collaborate more effectively. 



It can be challenging motivating salespeople. However, it’s much easier with SAP‘s gamification workplace app – Roadwarrior. This gamification app is the perfect tool for sales gamification. The setup helps your team to engage with mundane, everyday workplace tasks and inspires friendly competition. 

Before meetings with a customer, team members are put on a pseudo-call and must answer all the questions. In turn, they’ll earn points and get ahead on the scoreboard. This is an interactive way to challenge your team and train them before heading into client calls. 

Gamify Your Workplace With Spinify

If you’re ready to gamify the workplace with sales gamification tools, this list of 10 workplace apps using gamification is the perfect place to start. Apps feature an engaging, user-friendly interface that will keep your employees engaged and improve workplace productivity. 

When looking for a gamification app, consider the following gamification elements:

  • Contests
  • Leaderboards
  • Coaching insights
  • Performance and KPI tracking
  • Points, badges, and achievements
  • Communication and recognition

Unfortunately, most gamification apps won’t have all of these features. 

But Spinify does!

Spinify is a complete performance-tracking, gamified platform. We make it easy for individuals to track their sales progress, complete tasks, and get the motivation to take on the work week. 
Ready to find out why Spinify is the best of the 10 workplace apps using gamification? Book a free demo today.

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