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Top Ten Sales Leaders of 2020

September 18, 2020

The internet is full of top ten sales leaders lists. Unfortunately, most of these aren’t representative. They use metrics like number of followers and just list the people with the loudest mics. As a result, these lists are both unfair and inaccurate. 

To fix this, we’ve compiled an inclusive list. It includes men, women, people of color, and people from the LGBTQ+ community who are taking the industry by storm. And the metric for selection is focused on the impact they’ve made.

1. Jordan Arogeti 

Position: Enterprise AE at SalesLoft

Why Jordan is on this list

After just four years at this company, Jordan’s rise has been meteoric. From SDR in 2015 to enterprise AE in 2020, you won’t find anyone else like her. Recently, she also joined John Barrows on the ‘Make it Happen Mondays’ podcast to talk about her growth in the sales industry. 

2. Meka Asonye

Position: VP of Sales at Mixpanel

Why Meka is on this list

As Vice President of Sales at Mixpanel, Meka leads the company’s global sales teams. Before joining this company, he helped build Stripe’s sales group. He also served as an advisor to B2B software companies at Bain & Company for a little over two years. If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. 

To learn about how he developed Stripe’s market model, click here to download one of his lessons.

3. Cynthia Barnes 

Positions: CEO and Founder of Barnes Sales Institute, CEO and Founder of the NAWSP

Why Cynthia is on this list

Cynthia Barnes is the textbook definition of a strong sales leader. She heads two businesses and is a champion for women in sales. How? She uses both companies to maximize the success of female sales professionals by creating various strategies. She’s also a LinkedIn Top Sales Influencer, shares tips to boost your sales games, and works as a keynote speaker. 

4. Chantel George 

Position: Founder of Sistas in Sales

Why Chantel is on this list

The world has historically left out and marginalized POC. This company is countering that. The woman behind the curtain? Chantel George. She has built a community for women of color to find support and love in their career tracks. They can also get mentorships by various sales leaders and education in their fields to reach financial freedom. 

Further, she works as an account executive with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. She uses her expertise in sales to help tech clients realize their goals. So, if you want advice or insight, all you need to do is reach out through LinkedIn or Twitter.

5. Graham Hawkins

Position: CEO and Founder of SalesTribe

Why Graham is on this list

Graham spent many years heading multiple sales teams before starting his own companies. The first was Transform Sales International. Then came SalesTribe, which he used to improve sales. He did this by aligning target buyers with online sales transformation. Graham also wrote a book, traveled the world, and won the title of “LinkedIn Top Voice.”

6. Sam Jacobs

Position: Founder of the company Revenue Collective and host of the Podcast Sales Hacker

Why Sam is on this list

Sam started his finance career as an analyst and associate while running The Annex Group, a record label. Then he moved to Gerson Lehrman and became a managing director. During his seven-year stay, he boosted income from $30 million to $300 million. 

Following this, he had a few other jobs as SVP for Marketing and Sales at companies like Livestream and Axial, and was CRO at a couple more.

He founded Revenue Collection after making his way to Sales Hacker, where he became a CRO consultant. His podcast has tips and advice from various people at the top of the sales business.

7. Peter Kazanjy 

Position: Co-founder of AtriumHQ

Why Peter is on this list

Peter is a man of many talents: an entrepreneur, an author, and a SaaS market expert. He has a few successful businesses, which means his leadership ideologies are everywhere. From First Round Capital to his classes at Columbia Business School, Peter knows sales.

8. Scott Leese

Position: CEO of Scott Leese Consulting LLC and Founder and CEO of Surf and Sales

Why Scott is on this list

Scott Leese’s business focuses on smaller companies with around $25 million in annual income. The services they offer cover everything under sales. From devising sales plans to training sales reps, there is nothing they don’t offer. 

He advises various companies, where he is often charged with training and running sales teams. On top of all that, he found time to write a book entitled Addicted to the Process. This helps new sales reps explore the sales world, and you can buy it here.

9. Nancy Nardin 

Position: Founder of Smart Selling Tools

Why Nancy is on this list

Nancy, simply put, is crushing the game. She founded a website that gives sellers free resources on topics from sales technology to sales motivation, and it has grown exponentially. Subsequently, Forbes listed her among the Top 30 Social Sales Influencers in the World. Now that’s an influencer you should follow.

10. Lori Richardson

Position: Founder of Score More Sales 

Why Lori is on this list 

Lori loves two things: smashing barriers for women in sales and growing and bettering herself. She is a B2B growth strategist and sales expert, always looking for ways to train and consult with businesses to hire and promote women. Watch her interview with Sam Jacobs on the podcast Sales Hacker by clicking here.

And that’s our list of the top ten sales leaders you should know about. Hope you enjoyed it!

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