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Turn Salesforce Reports into Leaderboards

April 2, 2017

What are Salesforce Reports

The world’s largest CRM, Salesforce, has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1999. The solution provides so much more than just sales automation software. Today thousands of users rely on Salesforce to organize, analyze, and optimize everything from client acquisition to customer service and community enablement.

The functionality built into Salesforce delivers data on all aspects of an organization’s operations. The real challenge is to translate the ocean of data into meaningful reports. Moreover, these salesforce reports should convey performance information that drives behavioral change in employees to positively impact business results.

Next Level Reporting

The evolution for organizations is to leverage their existing Salesforce reports and display them on an office TV. Rather than manually refreshing salesforce report data to see the latest results, automate the process so that the TV leaderboard always shows the current performance position of individuals, teams, and the company. As soon as the fields are updated in Salesforce the new results display on the TV. Individuals move up the ladder based on new activity levels or completed sales. Those who are falling behind on the ladder are able to take corrective action straight away.

Clearer Visualization of Performance and Progress

Leaderboards must be understood at a glance. All staff should be able to interpret the current status of a goal or target. Animations, graphics, and colors need to be stripped back to ensure clarity of information display. This also aids accessibility and removes barriers to viewing information such as color disorders.

This means crisp pixel visuals on the TV. A TV screen that displays ladders of 4-6 people at a time before scrolling to show other team members. It means a clear report name and description so that all office staff knows what performance characteristics they are seeing.

The TV screen can also highlight information about the top performers in the company.

What Should You See

Visualizations must ensure there is no confusion about the performance numbers. The leaderboard will include the ladder position and name of the player, rep or agent. Their status against a goal will show as a raw score and a percentage of their target. Two employees might have the same raw score for today’s activities however have very different progress against their target, be that daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. The progress bar which displays in the same place on each screen for each objective quickly conveys knowledge about the company position as well as the individual or team. When “time to go” is also shown a sense of urgency is applied to employee activity behavior. They will strive harder to raise their ranking and achieve their goal.

When information on the leaderboard changes you want to be told about it, in order to decide the appropriate course of action. Notifications can be triggered on such things as a ladder change, a big deal, or a user-managed message that informs everyone about company updates, staff birthdays, or external news flashes. And when the target is reached celebrate the individual or team who were successful. The transitions from leaderboard information to news or celebration screens need to be seamless.

How Does Spinify Help

Spinify is the evolution companies have been looking for. The effortless, guided setup can have you displaying leaderboards on a TV in minutes. This will ensure that the KPI’s important to your business are constantly on display. This motivates staff to focus on their work activities to achieve the company objectives.

We’ve analyzed the marketplace and in conjunction with customers and industry experts identified the gaps in current leaderboard offerings to ensure an up to date solution that takes Salesforce data and transforms it into meaningful performance and progress information displayed on an office TV or in a browser.

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