BLOG / Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Leveraging Gamification to Address Underperforming Team Members

Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Leveraging Gamification to Address Underperforming Team Members

Leveraging Gamification

Underperforming employees can impact productivity, team morale, and customer satisfaction. There are many reasons why your team may be underperforming. Whether it’s because they don’t have the tools and resources to overcome challenges or they’re simply bored with their lackluster sales goals.

One of the best ways to address underperformance is to readjust your approach to tasks and duties with gamification. Gamification uses game design elements in a non-game context to keep your employees engaged and entertained with workweek tasks. In fact, a recent survey suggested that over 90% of employees felt more productive in gamified workplaces. This is a powerful tool businesses can use to improve productivity, enhance workplace engagement, and keep team morale higher than ever.

In this article, we’ll discuss how managers can use gamification strategies to inspire growth and success in the workplace. 

Here’s everything you need to know:

Five Gamification Strategies For Underperforming Teams

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If you want to start incorporating more gamification into the workplace, we’re here to help. 

Here are five strategies you can use to motivate underperformers and how Spinify can help you implement them. 

1. Inspire Success With Rewards and Individualized Sales Goals

When employees start to underperform, they need additional support and motivation to get them back on track. Rewards are invaluable tools that encourage better workplace habits and motivate your team to stay productive.

A great way to reward and incentivize underperformers is to take an individualized approach. You can use dashboards to review their current data and trends and help them set realistic goals. Once you set realistic goals, you can incentivize them with rewards. Whether it’s a cash bonus or gift card. These small incentives can boost morale and increase employee motivation. 

Spinify has all the tools you need to have data-driven check-ins with your team and to reward them. We have virtual prize wheels, automated badges, and other built-in features that can help you keep team morale high. 

2. Develop a Recognition Program

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Over 80% of organizations have a recognition program in place. Recognition programs are structured incentive initiatives that help boost morale and inspire your team. With a well-thought-out program, your team members will always feel acknowledged and awarded for their contributions. You can also ensure they also receive recognition and support from their coworkers. To set up a recognition program, you’ll want to start by:

  • Defining your goals and objectives for the program
  • Align the recognition program with your company goals and values
  • Have a set monthly or quarterly budget for rewards
  • Choose which recognition methods you want to use
  • Use a gamification sales software to track initiatives 
  • Communicate, celebrate, and enjoy!

You’ll want to ensure your recognition program is designed with your team in mind. The rewards, incentives, and recognition initiatives should appeal to your audience and inspire them to put their best foot forward during the workweek. 

At Spinify, we have built-in recognition features you can use to encourage a culture of healthy competition. Some of the popular features include milestone celebrations and badges. We’ll even plan your employee’s favorite song when they finally reach their goal. 

3. Use Friendly Competition to Keep Your Team Engaged

Mundane tasks, sales calls, and the constant back and forth with emailing can get boring. To help break up the monotony of the workweek, consider planning games and competitions your team can play. This is a great way to turn everyday tasks into fun-filled experiences for your team. With game elements like leaderboards and point systems, you can help your underperformers adjust their workplace mindset for the better. 

At Spinify, we have a suite of game elements and tools your team can use to inspire friendly competition. We have built-in game templates you can customize. We also have leaderboards and point systems to help improve visibility and highlight your team’s performance. 

4. Schedule Weekly Sales Coaching Check-Ins

Sales coaching are great learning opportunity for both managers and the sales team. Sales leaders must check in with team members and help them navigate their sales challenges if their team is underperforming. With weekly sales coaching meetings, you can help walk them through their pain points, questions, and concerns. 

At Spinify, we have a customizable data dashboard you can use to fuel these conversations with your team. These dashboards provide insight into each individual’s personal performance so you can personalize their goals to align with their needs. 

5. Use Visual Game Elements to Keep Your Team On Task

You may already have goals for your team, but how do you know how close they are to reaching them? With visual game elements, you can help your team visualize their own success and keep them on task during 9-5. 

Elements like prize wheels, leaderboards, and point systems are all game elements that can be put on display in the office or during all-hands meetings. This is a great way to ensure your gamified initiatives are always top of mind for your team. 

Spinify seamlessly integrates with your current tech stack, using your team’s data so you can share their success on the big screen. You can also set up breaking news alerts and see real-time changes on your phone, tablet, or TV screen in the office. Once your gamified initiatives are integrated into your day-to-day, you can feel confident your sales reps are always in the success mindset. 

Revamp The Workplace Experience With Spinify

Spinify is a sales gamification software designed to turn everyday workplace tasks and projects into fun-filled experiences for your team. With our data dashboards and game elements, you can transform the sales process for underperformers and address any performance issues that are holding them back from their goals.
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