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Work Hard, Play Harder: Unleashing Productivity Magic!

Is your team time management pros or brainstorming creatives? Are they problem solvers, task starters, and next-level communicators? These are all signs you have a productive workforce. In a perfect world, your team would have all of these skills under their belt.

Productivity is a crucial skill all business leaders and employees need to succeed. It’s a baseline characteristic that can improve efficiency and help you develop a successful organization. 

However, being productive all week is more challenging than it seems. Whether it’s the midweek slump, distractions, or a big project, there will always be external factors that get in the way of your team’s productivity. 

We’re here to walk you through how you can fight off these everyday challenges and help your team reach their full potential with gamification. 

Let’s dive in: 

How Gamification Can Boost Performance

Gamification is the process of incorporating game elements into a non-game context. With different game elements, you can keep employees engaged with mundane tasks, motivating them to be more productive during the workweek. 

Many of the key benefits of incorporating gamification into the workplace include:

Higher Company Morale 

Studies suggest that when company morale is high, companies experience a significant increase in productivity. If your team loves what they do and enjoys working for your company, it’s sure to show in the work they produce. With game elements, you can entertain and provide fun-filled experiences that complement your bottom line. 

Increased Motivation

Gamification works the same way video games work. When your team beats a level or wins an award, they’ll feel more inclined to push themselves to the next level. This will keep them motivated and inspired throughout 9-5.

Increases Employee Engaged 

Gamification keeps your team engaged with everyday tasks and their everyday responsibilities. This is important because studies suggest an engaged workforce is 21% more profitable and 17% more productive than a non-engaged workforce. 

How to Use Spinify as a Productivity Tool

If you’re ready to help your time fine-tune your craft and stay productive, it’s time to incorporate a gamification strategy into the workplace. 

Spinify is a sales gamification software that helps companies engage with their team with innovative game elements. Our platform uses your team’s data to help you develop compelling contests, games, and experiences for everyone on your team. 

Here’s how to use Spinify to increase productivity:

Set Personalized Goals For Your Team

Goals are vital to your team’s success. With personalized plans for each team member, you can restructure their approach to the sales process, helping them improve professionally and increase productivity. 

Our platform has custom data dashboards and tools you can use to drive compelling discussions. Whether it’s weekly 1:1s or monthly sales coaching sessions, you’ll always have data-driven tools you can use to keep your team engaged with their own progress. Some of the best tools include progress bars, leaderboards, and contests. 

Develop Contests and Competitions

Contests, games, and sales competitions are creative ways to turn mundane tasks into a fun-filled experience for your team. Whether you’re having a contest to see who can make 500 calls a week first or have the most outbound calls made to trial customers, the best way to make these tasks more entertaining is to turn them into a friendly competition. 

This is a quick and easy way to motivate your team members and inspire them to go above and beyond. Once you set the rules and the time frame, your team will know what tasks to complete to climb the leaderboard. Not only will this increase productivity and efficiency, but it will also tap into your team’s competitive side, helping them stay motivated throughout the week. 

Take Advantage of Spinify Sidekick

Spinify Sidekick is our AI-powered gamification tool that can seamlessly integrate into your team’s day-to-day. With this AI-driven tool, you can streamline your gamification strategy and keep your team productive. 

Here’s how Spinify Sidekick can improve productivity for sales teams and leadership:

  • Speed up the competition creation process
  • Generates badge suggestions you can pick and choose from
  • Generates custom tiers based on your company’s data
  • Uses your competition data to help you develop intuitive experiments
  • Provides custom suggestions and content based on your industry

With this tool, your leadership team will no longer need to set time aside to think of innovative ways to keep their team engaged and motivated. Spinify Sidekick will take care of it for you. This will increase productivity for everyone on your team, not just the sales reps. 

Coach Team Through Challenges 

Gamification should always only be one part of your strategy. If you want your team members to grow professionally and stay motivated, you need to coach them through challenges and be there for them if they run into any roadblocks. 

Not only does Spinify have custom data dashboards you can use to track your team’s success, but we also have a sales coaching toolbox your sales managers can use to track your team’s success. 

Our sales coaching tool kit includes:

  • Performance Grids: Better understand each individual’s low or high performance and build a personalized approach to sales coaching based on their data. 
  • Leaderboard Graphs: Stay in the know about your team’s overall performance.  
  • Notes: Jot down private notes and reminders during meetings you can reference later.
  • Tasks: Assign your team members tasks and track their productivity in real-time. 

This tool kit will improve your leadership productivity and help them guide the rest of your team through challenges and opportunities.

Improve Company Morale With Badges and Recognition

Badges are a small token of appreciation that will keep everyone engaged, happy, and satisfied. With Spinify, you can automate your badges and recognition program, ensuring everyone is recognized for a milestone or accomplishment. 

With our platform, you can seamlessly create badges for any accomplishment. Whether it’s for the top performer of the week or the sales rep who closed the biggest deal that month – everything deserves to be celebrated. 

You can choose between three badges: Playful, Balanced, and Serious. We also have several premade templates you can choose from to streamline the process. Once you set up the trigger, we’ll help you automate your recognition initiatives, keeping your team’s morale high with every badge they receive. 

Use Spinify Messages to Broadcast Motivational Messages

Spinify messages are a built-in feature managers can use to make announcements. You can create a message to celebrate a big win, turn music on to get your team excited, or use the messages to give motivational messages. 

The messages feature is customizable. You can choose from over six message types: Announcement, Web, Countdown, YouTube, Image, and memes. This allows you to mix things up depending on the mood for the week. 

Prioritize Workplace Fun

Happy employees are productive employees. If your team enjoys working for your company and feels valued, they will go above and beyond with everyday tasks. With fun-filled games and experiences, you can keep your team motivated, engaged, and fulfilled. When they clock in to start their day, tasks and projects won’t feel like work – it will be like a game. This will improve task management and help you build a successful sales team over time.

With Spinify, you can choose which game elements best serve your team’s likes and dislikes. This will help you innovate your approach to meet the needs of your team and keep everyone inspired and engaged. 

Increase Productivity With Spinify 

With the help of a sales gamification tool like Spinify, you can integrate gamification strategies into everything you do between 9-5. Our platform is designed to increase productivity, improve work efficiency, and make work fun again.

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