MyDesktop integrates with Spinify

MyDesktop + Spinify

Activities Tracked: Properties Appraised, Listed, Under Offer, Exchanged, Settled

MyDesktop Integration

Engage and motivate agents to do more activities, achieve more outcomes and update the data in MyDesktop. Monitor employee performance in a highly visible way with Leaderboards set on their key business metrics.

Crisp visualization of the leaderboard on a TV, browser or mobile device makes current progress against targets and other metrics easy to view and understand. Visibility prompts action by team members to be on top of the ladder.


MyDesktop Integration

Cool Features

Leaderboards can be set up in minutes. Once activated they run automatically, syncing data and sending notifications to the team.

Team Goal

Get your team working in harmony with a leaderboard showing team performance where the goal is for them to achieve an agreed Gross Commission target over the year.

Fire Up the Team

Leaderboards provide visibility of individual performance. Focus Agents on their appraisal and listing activities in order to sell more properties and move up the leaderboard.


Managers can easily see who the consistently high performers are with the Spinify Performance Grid. Those who aren’t in the Rain Maker Quadrant need coaching assistance to move them through the Grid.

Spinify Leaderboards

Fuel the Competition

Improve team productivity. Skyrocket agent performance when they see who the top 10 Agents are in property listings. Watch those appraisals increase in order to list even more properties.

Set the Target

Celebrate team members when they hit their targets on property metrics for appraisals, listings or exchanged. You control the targets, the points awarded and how to celebrate the victories.

Plus More

Use our pre-configured leaderboards . Or create them as you need with Local Scores. Every customization is a simple Yes/No toggle making it fast and easy to get leaderboards up and running.

Turn MyDesktop Data into a Motivational Tool

Spinify connects directly to your existing MyDesktop account, pulling in the key activity information and turning it into a competition that engages and motivates staff across all disciplines in your organization.

Managers retain control over the game mechanics including the metrics, participants and rewards of the competition. Motivating individuals and teams on any activity in any business process across your organization.

Setup Is Easy

  1. Login to Your MySpinify Account
  2. Integrate Your MyDesktop instance into Spinify
  3. Map Your MyDesktop Users to Your Spinify Users
  4. Set up your Leaderboard
  5. Create new contacts to progress up the ladder!
Spinify create a MyDesktop Leaderboard

Start Today

Why wait another minute. Signup for free today! You can get up and running and see for yourself how leaderboards on MyDesktop data will motivate your staff to perform better and be more engaged with the work they are doing on a daily basis.