Outreach + Spinify

Activities Tracked: Calls Made, Emails Sent

Looking for a way to engage and motivate team members to do more activities and update the data in your Outreach account. Monitor employee performance in a highly visible way with Leaderboards set on their key business activities.

Sharp visualization of the leaderboard on a TV, browser or mobile device makes current progress against targets and other metrics easy to view and understand. Visibility prompts action by team members to be on top of the ladder.

Cool Features

Designed to make an immediate impact to your team members and company. Easy setup within minutes.

Team Goal

Get your team working together with a leaderboard where the goal is for the team is to close a total of 50 deals in one day.

Race to Win

Fuel healthy competition amongst the team by seeing who are the top five to close 100 deals and watch those deals rise.

Set the Target

Celebrate those who close their target deals in given timeframe. You control the leaderboard mechanics and celebrate the victories.

Fire Up the Team

Time based leaderboards introduce a sense of urgency. They motivate the team to close deals quickly so they move up the ladder to #1.

What About Me

See individual progress against a target. Staff strive to move up the leaderboard. First to make 30 sales wins and appears on the celebration screen.

Plus More

Setup leaderboards as you need them, or get a fast start by using the Spinify, out-of-the-box solutions. Custom setup, you choose the levers and metrics.

Connect with all editions of Salesforce.com

Designed to make an immediate impact to your team members and company. Easy setup within minutes.

Staff Engagement

70% of staff are disengaged with their employer and their role. This leads to distraction and inactivity. Spinify helps increase their engagement leading to raised productivity, KPIs, and better performance.

Overtaking alert

Celebrate and highlight reps moving up in a leaderboard. Get them engaged to reach new heights in the competition.


Growing a business is an epic journey. Engage your team on the journey and motivate them to succeed. Everyone wants to see progress towards their own targets and those of their company.

How to motivate
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How to turn Outreach into leaderboards

Download Spinify from the Salesforce AppExchange

Connect any Outreach activity to Spinify

Create leaderboards and achievements to celebrate reps

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