Slack + Spinify

Activities Tracked: Team Recognition

Interact with Spinify from within slack with our /leaderboards and /gong commands. Engage your staff by publishing details about their achievements into a public slack channel for all to see. Motivate employees to communicate in the business workplace by running leaderboards on the number of /praise comments received by colleagues in your Slack channels.

Distinct visualization of the leaderboard on an office TV or browser makes current progress against a target and other metrics easy to see and comprehend. Visibility prompts action by team members to be on top of the ladder.

Game Features

Easy setup of comps within minutes. No IT involvement required means you can start running comps today.

Team Goal

Get everyone working together with a leaderboard showing team performance where the goal is for the team to make a total of 50 praises in one day.

Fuel the competition

Improve team productivity. Skyrocket team members performance when they see who are the top five people to earn 10 praises.

Set the Target

Celebrate team members when they hit their target of a number of praises in a given timeframe. You choose the game mechanics and celebrate the victories.

Fire Up the Team

Leaderboards gives performance feedback to the team. This helps them focus on improving their productivity on key business activities.

What About Me

See individual progress against a target. Team members strive to move up the leaderboard. First person to earn 5 praises wins and shows on the celebration screen.

Plus More

We provide per-configured leaderboards or you can create your own. You choose the goals, timeframes, participants, rewards and metrics.

How to turn into leaderboards

Install Spinify into your Slack workspace

Map your Slack users to your Spinify users

Create leaderboards on /praise data from Slack

Setup Is Easy

  1. Login to your MySpinify account
  2. Integrate our Slack app with Spinify
  3. Map your Slack users to your Spinify users
  4. Set up your leaderboard
  5. Use the /praise @username command on your teammates posts to progress up the leaderboard!
Spinify create a Salesforce Leaderboard

Start Today

Why wait another minute. Signup for free today! You can get up and running in minutes. Then see for yourself how leaderboards on Slack /praise comments will motivate your staff to perform better and be more engaged with the work they are doing on a daily basis.

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