Motivate Your Team

Growing a business is an epic journey. Engage your team on the journey and motivate them to succeed.  Everyone wants to see progress towards their and the company targets. Visibility of performance data drives activity. Celebrating wins along the encourages even more work effort. Everyone wants to be recognized for their contribution.  Take your team on the journey with you.

Easy Setup

Customize to Your Vibe

30+ Motivators

Spinify TV and App

Displaying performance information on the Office TV shines a light on what has been done and what is left to do. Staff using the Spinify App see the same leaderboards and notifications anywhere, anytime.

Who’s on First

Establish a culture of healthy competition with leaderboards that range from single user, personalized target to multi-user, individual targets. Users can be individuals or teams. Chunk down the metric to the precise metrics you want staff to focus on.

Get Staff Addicted to Progress

Progress against a target shows that meaningful work has been completed during the day. That’s satisfying for staff and managers. The progress bar maps the incremental movements in real time.  Achieve better company results by magnifying rep progress against target and time, on the office TV.

Celebrate Achievements

Recognize and celebrate success. When reps achieve a result, even a small one, everyone can see it and celebrate with the rep, the team and the company. Everyone is engaged and motivated to celebrate even more successes.

Target Achievement Predictor

Get up close and personal with sales performance. Our target achievement predictor indicates who’s ok and who needs help. An early warning system for Managers to intervene and help their team members.

Control the Competition

Know the state of play at all times and at a glance. Customization, personalization and granularity allow you to choose what is right for staff to focus on today.

Banish Boredom

Customize the background, colors and layout of the leaderboard.  Choose the type of competition from single person, single goal, head to head or multi player. Images, animations and colors enhance the clarity of the information display. We have so many pre-loaded themes and backgrounds as well as custom uploads!

Change the Channel

Staff want to see the information that is relevant to their work activities. Channels allow you to choose the content that you want to come up on each TV by giving you the control over messages, achievements, leaderboards and reports for different areas of the business.

Right Here, Right Now

Stay on top of what’s happening now. No waiting for daily or weekly reports. Connect to Shopify and see online sales appear as they are finalized. In Salesforce watch leads coming in so you stay on top of pipeline, calls made or deals won. Everyone is informed and engaged.

Tell Them More

Keep everyone informed on staff performance, progress towards target achievement, tasks that have a deadline or company, CEO updates and other office news. When staff are informed they perform better.

Add Urgency to Activities

Use a countdown timer to push the sales team about an upcoming deadline, such as end of quarter, or create a excitement by counting down the minutes until the office party.

Points, Badges and Tiers

These are the core components of a gamified platform. They are earned by your sales reps for every activity they complete. Team members get recognition when they hit milestones and can compare their stats with other teammates to provide an even higher level of competition.

Spinify Dashboards

Pre configured reports mean the core stats that motivate the team are ready to use:

  • Top Salesperson
  • Recent Deals Won
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • and more…

Get the mobile app

Team members are always engaged in the competition, everywhere they go, on their phone or even Apple Watch. This ensures your team stay focused on their leads, while having access to up to date standings and the ability to enter competitions anytime.