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Keeping staff engaged in their KPI’s is key. Spinify has many features baked into the solution to keep the staff engaged with little effort required by managers. Setup Spinify and watch the team be focused and engaged with hitting their targets.

How to engage


Growing a business is an epic journey. Engage your team on the journey and motivate them to succeed. Everyone wants to see progress towards their own targets and those of their company.

Visibility of performance data drives activity. Celebrating wins along the way encourages even more work effort. Everyone wants to be recognized for their contribution. Take your team on the journey with you.

How to motivate


Spinify coaching tools help managers know when and what to speak to reps about to get the most out of them. Find out the areas where reps are not performing well in and get coaching tips to help get them back on track.

How to coach


Brand Spinify to match your business and enhance your company culture. Spinify is setup to make the integration into your system easy and painless.

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