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11 Tips to Make Salesforce KickAss

March 21, 2018

KickAss Salesforce Proven @ eWAY and Spinify 

It’s 11 Tips about from Salesforce Master practitioner, Matt Bullock to guide your implementation.

Have you ever looked back after project implementation and wished you knew what you didn’t know then but do know now!

Well, this blog is for you. It is also applicable to those reviewing their installation. Matt has shared these tips at Dreamforce, Salesforce World Tour, and numerous events. 

In 2008, Matt Bullock was approached by an Account Manager with Salesforce to purchase a newish CRM for his payment services company, eWAY. At that time eWAY had 1,000 customers. Within 12 months, of installing Salesforce, eWAY had grown its customer base and doubled revenue without little increase in the number of sales, marketing, and customer service people. For Matt, the ROI (Return on Investment) in Salesforce was easily quantified and articulated.

When Matt sold eWAY in April 2016 and being too young to retire, he set up Spinify to help companies solve the problems of engagement, motivation, and coaching of staff to their optimal performance levels to achieve better business results. He did two things early on with Spinify that involved Salesforce:

  1. He purchased Salesforce as the CRM for the new company
  2. He designed and built Spinify as a Salesforce App.

Taking into account his experience at eWAY and learnings from attendance at numerous Dreamforce events and Salesforce World Tours, Matt streamlined the installation of Salesforce to ensure it supported the start-up environment for Spinify and ensure the start global approach that was critical for the new App’s success.

What are the Tips

Matt presented his tips at a recent Salesforce User Group in Canberra.

Spinify CEO talks Salesforce
Matt Bullock presenting on Salesforce

You can download the slides to prompt your review or audit of your current installation or to inform your intended installation of Salesforce CRM. In the meantime here is a summary of Matt’s talking points to the group.

  1. Console – in both Sales and Service cloud Console delivers all the relevant information in one tab meaningless clicks for the user
  2. Pardot – email automation, save time, send targeted, relevant messages for prospects based on opportunity sales stage
  3. Einstein – AI delivers recommendations on customer data. Then automate actions, making employees more productive, and customers even happier
  4. Lightening – tools, and technology for a completely re-imagined user experience and platform, that is optimized for speed
  5. Community – the way businesses provide more effective channels for their employees to communicate with each other and with customers
  6. Chatter -social collaboration tool with features such as profile images, news feeds, posting, commenting, and file and link sharing
  7. Workflow – tool to automate business processes such as employee induction, and new customer onboarding. All without writing a single line of code
  8. Trailhead – takes complex concepts in the Salesforce ecosystem, explains them in a relatable way. Training module completion gamified for fun and focus
  9. Salesforce Objects – important to define all objects so everyone has the same understanding of all terms in Salesforce
  10. Record Types – correct use promotes efficient and effective business processes
  11. AppExchange – the Salesforce store where lots of addons live to make your organization hum.


You can download the full set of slides to inform your installation of Salesforce. Spinify is an active participant in the local startup and business community in Canberra.  These companies benefit from mentoring by Spinify CEO Matt Bullock, a proven serially successful entrepreneur. 

Spinify CEO Talks Spinify
Learn more about Spinify

Put those insights into practice.

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