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Turn Tasks into Motivation: Expert Tips to Elevate Your Work

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It doesn’t matter how much an employee loves their job. There will always come a time when they feel unmotivated to complete workplace tasks. Mundane tasks are typically repetitive and boring. The tasks must be done for workplace efficiency but don’t necessarily bring joy or personal fulfillment. 

Consistently putting these workplace tasks off can lead to workflow disruptions, a decline in revenue, and low customer satisfaction. As a leader in the workplace, it’s your responsibility to keep your team on task during the week and to find innovative ways to inspire success.

In this article, we’ll explore different creative ways leaders in the workplace can turn mundane tasks into motivation with simple task motivation techniques powered by gamification. Gamification is the process of incorporating game elements in a non-game context. With the right strategic approach, you can help your team stay on task during the week, and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Here’s how to use gamification to revitalize routine tasks:

The Art of Turning Everyday Work Tasks From Drab to Delightful

Sometimes, it can be challenging to find motivating daily work during the work week. If you notice a decline in productivity and low company morale, it may be a sign your team is struggling to complete everyday tasks. There are many reasons why your team may be struggling to complete tasks on time or consistently. Whether it’s a busy time of the year, burnout, or simply not feeling fulfilled with their job duties. 

One of the best ways to turn work tasks from drab to delightful is to find ways to encourage and motivate your sales teams with recognition, rewards, and gamification strategies. Gamification uses the same game mechanics as video games to help increase participation. Gamification not only inspires your team to stay engaged with work tasks, but it also adds an entertaining spin to mundane tasks.

The Psychology Behind Motivation

Psychology Behind Motivation

Gamification taps into your intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation provides sustained engagement and a better sense of satisfaction. Activities that fuel your intrinsic motivation reward the individual and provide personal fulfillment. Involving activities that keep you motivated can help your team produce high-quality work during the work week and improve their work ethic. A recent McKinsey study shows that intrinsically motivated individuals are 32% more committed to their jobs than other employees. These employees also have a 46% higher job satisfaction.

Five Gamification Strategies to Help Breathe Life Into Routine Activities

Ready to take your team’s daily routine to the next level? Spinify is here to help. We put together a list of the top five favorite gamification strategies. These strategies are designed to tap into your team’s intrinsic motivation and help them re-envision success in the workplace. 

Here are five of our favorite gamification strategies you can use to elevate work tasks:

Plan Monthly Mundane Games

The best way to approach a slowdown in booked demos, prospecting communication, or even sales is to plan a quick mini-game! Mini-games inspire friendly competition and improve the work environment. This is great for boosting work motivation and ensuring your team’s priorities are top of mind. To plan monthly mundane games, you’ll want to start by: 

  • Review your team’s data and look for challenges and opportunities 
  • Set the game rules and plan 
  • Offer a reward for the winner 

With mini-games and sales competitions, you can easily adjust the objectives depending on your weekly or monthly goals. One week, you focus on prospecting efforts. Next, you may hone in on renewals or upsells. 

Set up Progress Bars For Different Routine Tasks 

Progress bars are another interactive game element to motivate your team. This interactive turns mundane tasks into interactive activities and keeps your team on task during their 9-5. Instead of sending constant emails or making phone calls all day, your team can visualize their success. Your team can use the progress bar during the day to stay on task. 

With progress bars, you can personalize the goals and objectives depending on the sales rep. This will ensure everyone has the visual aids they need to stay engaged with their job duties. 

Use Leaderboards to Track Your Team’s Success

Leaderboards are visual aids your company can use to motivate your team and keep them engaged with their goals and priorities. Once you’ve set the filters for the leaderboard, you can use it as a visual aid for all your all-hands meetings, one-on-one catch-up calls, and more. This will keep your team engaged with their targets and motivate them to go above and beyond. 

Level the Playing Field With Different Mini Games

You’re always going to have a group of top performers and overachievers. While these individuals may help you reach your company goals, they can also be discouraging for the other team members. To ensure the game elements you use in the workplace keep everyone engaged. To level the playing field for the different sales contests you plan, consider: 

  • Switching between prospecting vs renewal targets
  • Focus on mundane tasks rather than revenue 
  • Pair your employees up into teams for a game 

A great way to set targets and goals for your games is to review your team’s current sales data and trends. Look for areas of improvement or roadblocks that are standing in their way. You can then plan mini-games and build on your strategy to improve results.

Celebrate the Wins: No Matter How Big or Small

Gamification works best when it’s paired with a strong and well-thought-out recognition program. There are many ways to add a gasified approach to your recognition initiative. Whether you hand out a badge to a top performer or let the high achievers spin the wheel at the end of the week. 

Incorporating various rewards and taking the time to recognize your team for their achievements will keep your team engaged with their day-to-day activities and enhance work engagement. 

At Spinify, we have various recognition features you can take advantage of. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Custom badges that you can automate 
  • Ring the dong when you reach your goal
  • Play their favorite song when they hit their target
  • Spin the prize wheel 

How to Leverage Employee Motivation Techniques to Reinvigorate Your Workflow

With the right sales gamification tools and gamified tools, these strategies are easy to implement and integrate into the workplace. These strategies can help with many of your workplace goals. Some of them include:

Goal Setting 

Goals provide a framework for professional growth. When each team member has a clear set of individualized goals, you can help your team adjust their approach to their workweek tasks.

Time Management

Studies suggest that the average employee spends 51% of the workday on low-priority tasks. Time management skills are vital to the workplace dynamic. Providing your team with the tools to effectively manage their time during the workweek can increase productivity and reduce workplace stress.

Improve Communication

Communication and collaboration are key to building a high-functioning team. Easy ways to improve workplace communication include planning weekly meetings, scheduling regular 1:1s, and revamping your employee recognition program.

Track Progress 

Using a point system or a progress bar to track your progress is a creative way to visualize your success. Whether your goal is prospecting calls, emails, renewals, or booked demos. A progress bar is a visual aid your team can use to track their progress in real time. Every time they complete a task, they’ll get one step closer to reaching their goals. 

Gamify The Workplace Experience With Spinify

If you’re worried about your team’s efficiency and productivity, it’s time to introduce gamification into the workplace. Gamification is an invaluable tool businesses of every kind and size can benefit from. Once you’ve infused gamification strategies into the workplace experience, you’ll find that your team feels more inspired to take on workweek tasks. 

With Spinify, you can successfully integrate gamification into the workplace experience and learn more expert tips productivity. Our software integrates with your current tech stack and uses your sales data to help you create custom dashboards, mini-games, and more. 
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