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5 Effective Ways to Coach Remote Staff

According to WeForum, the number of employees permanently working remotely globally is set to double in 2021. And as it stands, remote work is here to stay. And if you are looking to coach your remote staff on competing with the pandemic and your competitors simultaneously, we’ll teach you just that.

Today’s piece will present you with five effective ways on how you can coach your remote staff. Let’s get going.

Real-Time Feedback

Real-time feedback is necessary for coaching your remote staff the right way. As being a manager, you must provide real-time feedback to your team members so they can understand their weaknesses and strengths. And then, work with them accordingly.

Whenever you are introducing your team members to something new, make sure to track their progress and offer them real-time feedback. Real-time feedback will motivate them, knowing someone is invested in their progress.

Another key is to personally call each member of the team and provide customized and real-time feedback. It wouldn’t be beneficial to only provide generalized real-time feedback to your team.

Real-time feedback will enable you and your team to be open with each other. And when there’s no hesitation between you and your team, it will help both parties move forward with confidence.

Emphasis on the Middle

When coaching remote staff, you must emphasize the middle. And what we mean by emphasizing the middle is to concentrate on their motivation levels. Without the correct motivation and drive, they will not be able to learn anything and their drive will be low.

In order to effectively coach the lessons to your remote staff, you must fuel them with some sort of motivation. The right amount of motivation will make them more interested in whatever you are coaching them.

Personalize Goals

Next up, when you are coaching a remote team, it’s essential to set up goals. Without short and long-term goals, your team members will not be able to build their interest in whatever you are teaching. But when you’ll set-up short and long-term goals, it will make the learning path clearer to your team; thus, they will be more intrigued to learn.

Another important thing when setting up goals for your team is to personalize them according to each team member. No one likes to follow a boring learning path that’s the same as their colleagues. Analyze your team members’ goals, strengths, and opportunities, and sketch personalized goals for them so they can learn and enjoy at the same time.

Build confidence in your team by setting up personalized goals so you can coach them more effectively and efficiently.

Add Competition

Competition fuels everyone to do better regardless of the type of competition. When coaching your team, add competition, challenges, face-offs, and rewards between the members so they can get the most out of the power of competition.

Add gamification by using gamification software when coaching your remote staff. Gamification will build a healthy competition in your team by adding game elements like charts, leaderboards, points, and badges.

With the help of gamification software, run challenges, competitions, and more between your team members. Set-up prizes, perks, badges, and more to attract your team members for competing with each other and coming out as a winner.

Before adding competition to your team member, make sure to learn a thing or two about bad and good competition. Don’t let the competition make your team members lean toward bad habits.

Use Collaboration to Have Peer Help

Last but certainly not least, use the ultimate power of collaboration when coaching your remote staff. Encourage your team members to communicate with each other. And when they fluently and frequently communicate with each other, they’ll be more comfortable to collaborate.

Assign one task to two or more people and give them a taste of the true dynamism of collaboration. With collaboration, your team members will find it easier and more comfortable to learn new things. And when multiple minds will be training with each other, it will help them make the learning process faster and enjoyable.

Adding the collaboration factor will also ease you with the pressure of providing help to multiple team members at once. As they’ll be helping out each other with tasks and problems, you’ll have room to concentrate on other important things.


These five ways are pretty useful in coaching remote staff. And here at Spinify, we provide you with a state-of-the-art solution for making coaching simple, straightforward, and effective. Our coaching solution gives you access to remote team performance insight, individual stats, in-depth analysis, and more to make your remote staff coaching efforts worthwhile. So what are you waiting for? BOOK A DEMO for our coaching solution today!

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