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Your Vote of Confidence: G2’s recognition isn’t just a badge; it’s a reflection of your success. We’re immensely grateful for your trust, and we’re here to celebrate this achievement together!

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What an incredible year. Yep, a bit more caffeine in our systems, but the journey was nothing short of epic. Buckle up, because we’ve got the stories to prove it!

As we bid adieu to an incredible year, we’re bursting with joy to share some heartwarming news – thanks to your amazing support, Spinify has been declared the #1 Sales Gamification Software by G2! 🎉 Your trust has not only made us blush with gratitude but has also solidified Spinify’s position as a go-to partner for sales triumphs.

Spinify’s Journey: A Tapestry of Your Success Stories!

Innovations Powered by You: Your needs have been our compass. Every innovative feature was designed with your success in mind. From thoughtful updates to groundbreaking solutions, Spinify’s journey is woven with your aspirations.

A Global Spinify Community: Spinify isn’t just a platform; it’s a community. Your stories of success reverberated globally, turning Spinify into a family of champions united by shared victories.

Playing and Winning Together: In the spirit of gamification, we turned work into play. Your daily challenges became exciting quests, fostering a culture of collaboration, joy, and shared accomplishments.

Cheers to Every Milestone: Each of your wins, no matter how small, has been a cause for celebration. Spinify’s personalized recognition features aim to spotlight your achievements and make you feel like the rockstars you truly are.

What’s Next? The Spinify Adventure Continues!

As we step into the new year, the Spinify adventure evolves. With your stories guiding us, we’re committed to enhancing your experience, introducing new features, and, most importantly, being your steadfast ally in the pursuit of success.

Thank you for being an integral part of this beautiful Spinify journey. Your success is our shared victory, and together, let’s make 2024 a year filled with even more incredible moments!

Here’s to a year ahead filled with joy, growth, and countless achievements!

Thanks to our AMAZING customers, Spinify is recognized as a Top 50 Best Sales Products winner for 2023!

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The Best Meets Requirements product in the Usability Index earned the highest Meets Requirements rating in its category.
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Products in the Leader quadrant in the Grid® Report are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.
Products in the High Performer quadrant in the Grid® Report have high customer Satisfaction scores and low Market Presence scores compared to the rest of the category
The Best Relationship product in the Relationship Index earned the highest Relationship rating in its category
The Best Sales Products 2023 badge is earned based on the analysis of the product’s Satisfaction and Market Presence scores within its category

What is Spinify?

Spinify is the world’s #1 sales gamification platform, designed to motivate and boost your team’s performance!

Empower your team to perform at their best using visible performance tracking, leaderboards, sales contests, automated achievements, incentives, and more!

What is G2?

G2 is the most trusted review platform and software marketplace in the world! Compare over 100K products across SaaS, B2B and so much more with over 1.9 million reviews! G2 gives buyers research confidence, ensuring you choose the right products for you!

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Why Our Customers Love Us

rating Dec 05, 2022
“Spinify hits the nail on the head!”
What do you like best?
Spinify has helped us take all the data that everyone thinks is boring and given us the ability to make it engaging and fun to look at. We can get everyone involved with sales, projects, and installs to see their goal and how it aligns with the bigger picture.
rating Dec 20, 2023
Add some fun to performance tracking & employe motivation! Integrations & customisations – possible!
What do you like best?
Spinify is a nice way to add some fun to performance tracking. We have set it up for our sales team, using multiple different integrations, tracking and awarding different qualitative and quantitative metrics, via HubSpot integration and by pulling data from spreadsheets.
It is fairly easy to set up, Alex was of great help in making the onboarding process as simple and as fast as possible, he made sure we got some customizations to be able to track all metrics relevant to our company.
rating Nov 29, 2023
“FUN product! Amazing support!”
What do you like best?
The product is something I genually enjoy setting up. There is so much you can do once you are set up. I appreciate how nice everything looks and how smooth it runs. I feel there is so many fun things I can do with my team. One feature I like the most is having different channels for AEs and BDRs. I can even post important announcements that would otherwise get burried in slack. I am still learning, but definitely one of the best purchases we mad this year. Also the support from Alex and team has been AMAZING! They have been super helpful!
rating Oct 16, 2023
“Amazing gamification software”
What do you like best?
We were looking for a bit of software to celebrate our success and drive sales activity within the office and Spinify ticked all the boxes. It’s really easy to setup and the features are incredibly well thoughtout. It really helps drive the behaviour we want within our sales team and allows employees to be rewarded for their hard work. Alex has been great in getting everything setup and has been on hand for any extra support needed.
rating Oct 06, 2023
“The Top Gamification Platform for Sales Teams”
What do you like best?
Spinify was a game changer in our organization. We struggled to get consultants to put their data in Salesforce and complete their admin work. With the super easy integration between Salesforce and Spinify, we keep leaderboards up on TVs in our office. Every time someone puts data in Salesforce, their personal song plays in all of our offices across the globe. We’ve never had better data and the offices all feel so much more connected!
We get more and more out of the platform after each call with our account manager! We use this platform daily across all offices and levels of the organization.
rating Aug 29, 2023
“Seemless integration with Salesforce”
What do you like best?
Easy to setup.
I managed to get the team added, linked in with Salesforce and dashboards live before my welcome call with the team. It’s a solid product to display real-time performance numbers for the team and celebrate wins.
My favourite feature is being able to trigger deal songs after a sale has been marked closed in Salesforce. Each individual has their own song so the moment it plays, everyone knows it was them who got one over the line! It keeps the office loud and energetic.
rating Aug 17, 2023
“Great Team to Work With”
What do you like best?
My compan decided to use Spinify to help increase motivation and add some fun to our different sales teams and we are not dissapointed so far! Our co-workers love friendly competition and Spinify is helping us use it to reward not just our co-workeres but to help reach company goals as well! The onboarding team explained everythng that comes with Spinify and made getting started so easy!
rating Jul 25, 2023
Easy to use, great features, and aesthetically pleasing slides for the office.
What do you like best?
Our team’s favorite feature are the sales songs that personalize the celebrations of our individual accomplishments. There is also great competition in the different types of structured leaderboards. I love that we can also play our own images / slides for special messages.

For more, please visit: g2.com/products/spinify