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7 Proven Ways To Improve Sales Motivation

Sales motivation is essential for any business. Without it, sales teams may become lethargic, unproductive, and apathetic. However, with the right motivation techniques in place, your team can be energized and driven to reach their goals. This post will explore seven proven ways to improve sales motivation. Keep reading to learn more!

Sales motivation is the key to success in any sales organization. It can be the difference between a successful salesperson and an unsuccessful one.

There are two common types of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is from yourself, and extrinsic comes from external factors. You should know that these motivations are essential for a successful business. So, how can you increase sales motivation? 

Your team will be motivated if they feel you are committed to their success. That means being available to them, providing feedback and guidance, and helping them to overcome challenges. Here are the seven proven ways to enhance sales performance: 

Define what success looks like for your team

The first step is to define what success looks like for your team. Without this, it’s impossible to know if you’re meeting or exceeding your goals. To do this, answer the following questions:

  • What are our overall sales goals?
  • What are our quarterly or monthly sales targets?
  • What individual and team objectives need to be met to reach our targets?

Once you have a clear understanding of your objectives, you can start to put together a plan to achieve them. Base your team’s definition of success on your company’s values and goals. Without a clear understanding of what success looks like, it will be difficult for your team to maintain motivation.

Let’s take a closer look! Staying motivated will be very difficult if you don’t feel good about the people you’re working with. Make an effort to get to know your co-workers and build positive relationships with them.

Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals is crucial to any successful sales team’s motivation strategy. When everyone knows what they’re working towards, they’re more likely to be motivated to put in the hard work required to achieve those goals.

Help your team members set personal goals for themselves

It is essential that each team member sets their own personal goals for themselves to stay motivated. Here are a few ways you can help them do so:

  • Talk to each team member individually about what they hope to achieve, both short-term and long-term.
  • Help them break down those goals into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Encourage them to set deadlines for themselves and to hold themselves accountable.
  • Check in with them regularly to see how they are progressing and offer support when needed.
  • Celebrate their successes along the way – no matter how small!
  • Offer words of encouragement and motivation when they are struggling.
  • Be there for them every step of the way!

Celebrate successes, big and small

One of the most important things you can do to keep your sales team motivated is to celebrate successes, big and small. Employees will likely stay motivated and continue working hard when they feel appreciated. Let your team know you are proud of their accomplishments and show appreciation in words and actions.

Encouraging a little healthy competition among your sales team can be a great way to keep everyone motivated. Try setting up a points system or leaderboard where team members can earn points for making sales or achieving other goals. You can also offer prizes for the top performers each month.

Encourage friendly competition among team members

One way to motivate your sales team is to encourage friendly competition among members. This could take the form of regular competitions with prizes for top performers or simply tracking and publicly sharing results regularly.

Whatever form it takes, friendly competition can help push individuals to stay focused and work harder to improve their own performance and reach their goals. Some methods include:

  • Set up regular competitions with prizes for top performers
  • Share results publicly regularly
  • Celebrate individual and team successes together

Offer incentives 

Sales representatives are often motivated by the opportunity to earn additional income through bonuses and commissions. Offering incentives can help keep them focused on achieving sales goals and improve overall motivation levels.

Incentives don’t have to be financial. Recognition, prizes, and time off are also effective motivators. Whatever you choose, be sure that the incentives are meant for your sales reps and aligned with your company’s goals. Some ways to offer incentives are:


Offering bonuses is a common way to incentivize sales reps. Bonuses can be based on individual or team performance and are typically given for achieving specific goals.


Sales reps may also be eligible for commissions, typically a percentage of their sales.


Recognizing sales reps for their achievements can be a powerful motivator. Sales reps may appreciate being recognized in front of their peers, receiving a formal award, or having their names listed on a company website or newsletter.


Offering prizes is another way to incentivize sales reps. Prizes can be given for individual or team performance and can be anything from gift cards to paid time off.

Time off: 

Sometimes the best incentive is simply giving sales reps some time off. This can be in the form of additional vacation days, a half-day on Friday, or working from home one day per week.

Flexible hours: 

Flexible hours can be an excellent incentive for sales reps. This perk gives them more control over their schedule and makes their job more enjoyable.

Training and development: 

Sales reps may also be motivated by the opportunity to receive training and development opportunities. This can include attending conferences, taking courses, or shadowing experienced sales reps.

Provide regular feedback to team members

Regular feedback is one of the most important things a sales manager can do to help maintain and improve sales motivation. Constructive feedback lets employees know how they are performing and what areas need improvement. It also shows them that you are paying attention to their work and care about their success.

In addition to providing feedback, allowing employees to provide input on sales strategies and goals is essential. This gives them a sense of ownership over their work and helps them buy into the company’s vision. Here’s how you can provide regular feedback: 

  • Schedule weekly one-on-one meetings with each team member.
  • Give feedback that is specific, objective, and actionable.
  • Avoid giving criticism that is vague or based on personal opinion.
  • Use “I” statements when giving feedback (e.g., “I noticed that you did X…”)
  • Avoid using “you” statements, which can come across as accusatory (e.g., “You didn’t do X…”)
  • Critique the behavior, not the person.
  • Give them an opportunity to provide as well as receive feedback.
  • Be aware of your tone of voice and body language when giving feedback.
  • Avoid giving too much feedback at once. Space it out over time so that employees have a chance to implement your suggestions.
  • Remember, negative feedback is an opportunity for coaching, not aggressive performance management.
  • Follow up with employees after you give them feedback to see how they are doing and if they have any questions.

Provide deeper work meaning

Salespeople are often more motivated when they feel their work is purposeful. Consider how you can help your sales reps find deeper meaning in their work. This could involve providing opportunities for them to connect with customers and hearing feedback about how their products or services have positively impacted people’s lives. When sales reps feel like they’re making a difference, they’re more likely to be motivated to sell.

Salespeople want to feel like they’re in control of their work and destiny. You can help provide this sense of control by giving employees the autonomy to decide how they do their jobs. This could involve leadership by letting them set their own schedules, choose their own methods for prospecting or closing deals, and so on. That’s because when salesforce feel like they have the entire charge, they are more motivated.

The Bottom Line

It’s not easy to stay motivated when you feel like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill. But with the right tools, information, and support, you can increase your sales motivation and achieve your goals.

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