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How To Be A Rainmaker

Let’s talk about How To Be A Rainmaker. If you’ve been in sales for some time, chances are you’ve come across the term “rainmaker” on more than one occasion, but what are they, why are they such a hot topic, and more importantly, why should you strive to become one?

What Is A Rainmaker?

Rainmakers are known for bringing top-tier clients, an influx of business and a certain air of prominence to their organizations. They’re passionate, resourceful, and charismatic with a keen ability to not only understand the needs of their core client base, but emotionally connect with them as well. These qualities make them indispensable to the businesses they work for, because most importantly at the end of it all, rainmakers get remarkable results that benefit everyone in the organization.

They’re basically the holy grail of salespeople, so naturally many are drawn to the title.

What Do Rainmakers Do To Achieve Success?

All rainmakers share one common goal; to consistently develop innovative methods to present their company’s product or services to potential buyers and turn those prospects into revenue. To do this, rainmakers focus on four key areas.

Firstly, they focus on building strong client relationships with those they already know and are working with or have worked with previously. By nurturing the relationships they have already set the foundation for, they’re showing their clients that they not only value their business, but them as people, too. This creates an emotional connection that encourages their clients to promote their work, product, or services to other similar clients in their own networks, thus acting as active lead generation without the need for additional marketing or promotion.

Next, they learn how to market their skills within their own organization and leverage their talents. For example, lawyers that work for for a law firm can make incredible strides in their career by offering their services to their colleagues by convincing them that by partnering with them, both parties will benefit.

Once they’ve got a handle on their current and internal relationships, rainmakers then focus on outreach; networking with like-minded people who are already seeing the kind of success they hope to achieve in their own career. Rainmakers know that the best way to improve their skills is by learning from those already experienced in their field and they’re excited by the opportunity to do so.

Finally, rainmakers extend their outreach even further by being active participants on mediums like social media and other community networks. By improving their community presence within the realm they want to grow in with genuine interaction, they’re marketing themselves as devoted and impassioned people, and that kind of confidence is very attractive to potential clients and strategic partners.

What Do Rainmakers Know That I Don’t?

Rainmakers understand the intrinsic properties of their business and how to manifest that knowledge in order to accelerate their business potential.

They know that their clients are the lifeblood of their business and that with every successful transaction means the potential for future transactions. Giving their clients the time, care and attention they deserve is critical to their future success, even if that client has merely expressed interest in the product or service that they’re selling.

This means that they don’t just provide clients with an outlet to express their needs, but they listen thoughtfully and react promptly to give them an uplifting customer service experience from the moment they meet, to long after they’ve left. By being sincere in their appreciation for the client, they’re more likely to see positive affirmation and further business down the line.

It’s not just about having exemplary communication skills, though. Rainmakers also know that in the back of every potential client’s mind is, “how can this product/service help me” or in most cases, “how can it help my business be more profitable?” Ultimately, rainmakers are experts in showing their potential clients why what they’re offering is light years above what their competitors offer.

What Qualities Do All Rainmakers Have?

When working towards your rainmaker goals, it’s imperative that you are mindful of the key characteristics that all successful rainmakers share in common.

1. They Love What They Do

Rainmakers are inherently passionate individuals who truly believe that their business is a step above the rest. If you don’t believe in your product, why would others?

2. They’re Excellent Communicators

You don’t have to worry about rainmakers dodging calls or skipping meetings. They’re eager to be involved every step of the way and they know the value in making their clients feel comfortable with their relationship. That’s not to say they’re up all night waiting for you to call, but they’ll get back to their clients in an appropriate and timely manner because to them, they matter.

3. They’re Highly Creative

Not all clients are built the same, and that is to say that rainmakers know that sometimes they’re going to have to put on their thinking caps and come up with innovative solutions to encourage their clients to go from “Maybe” to “Yes” and they are always up for the challenge.

4. They Persevere Against All Odds

Rainmakers become successful because they believe that they deserve success and they will stop at nothing to achieve it. People that built their empires didn’t do it overnight, so understanding that you’ll need time to develop your skills is crucial to achieving your goals. They do this by bringing just as much care to their own goals by regularly assessing their progress and looking for ways in which they can improve it.

5. They’re In Touch With Their Emotions

They might not always show it, but rainmakers have remarkable self-awareness and are highly emotionally intelligent. By placing themselves in their clients shoes, they’re able to tap into their most vulnerable desires and convince them that they don’t just want their business, they need it to become fulfilled.

The Take Home

At their core, rainmakers are devoted to helping others because they believe that good relationships foster good business. They know that it’s better to exceed expectations than it is to fumble on them and they’re driven by their desire to be a meaningful asset to their organization. By being perceptive to both client and business needs, rainmakers do more than just sell; they inspire.

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