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Leaderboards Create a High Performance Culture

March 27, 2017

What is a High Performance Culture  

Culture is defined as “the way things get done around here.” Companies want to create an environment with a unique personality and with a passion for performance. In such an environment people make the right decisions and do the right thing wherever they are in the business. A true high-performance culture provides a company with its single greatest source of competitive advantage. People are inspired to go the extra mile. They make and execute good decisions about their own activities within the business. 

How to Reach High Performance

In the past organizations have developed high performance attributes through trial and error, over time. In our fast paced, globalised competitive environments companies need to develop tools that speed up this process. They need tools that assist them to do three things. Firstly define an employees role. Then set clear expectations for performance. Finally they must have the means to measure the progress of the rep towards the target. Measurement motivates  more work.

These mechanisms result in Transparency. The old adage is that “sunshine is the best disinfectant.” This can be applied in the business world. Making the activities of employees transparent within an organization allows all staff to be informed of what needs to be done, what is being done and the improvements that need to take place for the company to be successful.  Organizations need to really understand why and how their employees are doing their daily work activities so they are better positioned to identify the need to change. Adjusting employee performance will ensure they keep pace with the market and continue to drive results.

How do Leaderboards Help

Leaderboards shown on an office TV are the highest level of transparency available to companies. Information is readily available and shared amongst the office. The leaderboard display of the quantity and quality of employee activities allows all stakeholders to be included in the business conversation.  By fostering trust and transparency at all levels, stakeholders are given a safe environment to provide input and take an active role in shaping the organization’s performance, present and future.

Leaderboards quickly uncover the existing behaviors and practices that are no longer serving the organization’s success.  Knowing you should lose ten pounds and actually changing your behavior to do it are two very different things. Leaderboards help employees understand that some ways of doing things are no longer effective. Counselling, training or other techniques can then be applied to motivate the change that is required in order for individual, team and organizational success.


A high performance company culture promotes better employee engagement and motivation. Here’s a few things you might not know about the true benefits of high performing employees: 

  • 3x more creative and innovate to solve workplace problems
  • 31% more productive than their low performing colleagues
  • Help their employer out perform their competitors by up to 202%

High performance is a collective idea. It is a phenomenon that forms and evolves through the behaviors of the group.  While many people view culture as the responsibility of leadership alone, the most successful organizations understand and value the input of all company stakeholders.

Creating a high performance culture is now within reach of all organizations. Check out how Spinify can help with easy to setup leaderboards!

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