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Beyond Cash – Motivating Employees with Competitions

March 6, 2017

Why Motivate Employees

Motivating employees is the key to a successful business. Employees are the front line of your business and therefore they are the first to be in contact with potential customers. If your employees are disengaged they will not represent your company with energy and enthusiasm. They will not sell your products and services. They will have no reason to go above and beyond doing the activities they do on a normal day. Employers are always looking for ways to engage employees and motivate them to do a little more each day like by competitions. This builds better business outcomes for a company.  

Motivating Employees – Options

Incentivizing staff can be a powerful motivator to improve performance. Care must be taken to devise incentives that will give the employer the specific performance outcome required to lift business results. It is also important to set the incentive within the financial constraints of the organization. This problem is especially relevant to small business and Non profit organizations. They want to engage employees and motivate them to do more activities. however they will look for a non-cash way to achieve these outcomes.  Luckily you can incentivize people without providing cash rewards. 

Games provide a way to engage and motivate people. Rewards can be given using points, badges and personal goals created from tiers and leader boards. This can all be supplied from games. Games boost motivation by channeling people’s drive and determination towards their corporate environment.

Company Benefits from Motivating Employees With Competitions

Leaderboard competitions that focus on daily activities motivate staff have been proven to lift productivity by 31%. When teams are engaged and share your business objectives they can achieve 37% higher sales than their disengaged colleagues. Engaged employees are also 3x more creative and will innovate to solve workplace problems. This uplift in employee performance can lead companies to outperform their competitors by up to 202%. This means more can and will get done with even just a small increase to staff motivation. 

Customer Use Study

An organisation with an online training platform incorporated competitions into their incentive culture to motivate employees and contract staff to undertake their online lectures, courses and quizzes. With the addition of this gamified platform including badges and leader boards being part of their online training platform there was an increase in engagement and completion of the activities in the mobile game.

Businesses already use a variety of small games in their workplace to track sales and show the progress but they lack the small rewards and pushes for employees to get continuous motivation.


As you can see games can make your employees motivated, on track to make your business even more successful. Spinify does all this with tons of different types of games, badges, points and leader boards for employees to get rewarded and motivated with. Spinify games are designed to provide a lift in your team members performance. A combination of competitions, points, tiers, badges and more gamification metrics keep your staff engaged and builds a desire within them to get better at their job so they can succeed in the comps and in their careers.

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