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Mastering Sales Performance with Dynamic Management Strategies!

September 8, 2023

If you want to increase your revenue and grow your book of business, you must focus on improving your approach to the sales process. A motivated sales team will exceed expectations and help you build a workplace culture that thrives on success. If your sales reps are engaged and feel motivated with their workweek tasks – you’ll slowly see a significant uptick in revenue and scale your business in the right direction. 

The best way to inspire your sales team is to build an effective performance management strategy. Performance management is about looking at each sales rep’s challenges and opportunities – and finding innovative ways to use this information to your advantage. With the right tools and tricks, you can inspire your team to grow professionally and push them toward their true potential. 

We’re here to walk you through some of the most effective dynamic management strategies you can implement to improve your company’s overall sales process and motivate your team.

Here’s everything you need to know:

The Top Three Dynamic Performance Management Strategies 

When improving your team’s sales performance, you’ll always want to consider what you can do as their manager. With dynamic performance management strategies, you can give your team the tools and resources to stay motivated and improve their overall performance. 

Every workplace is different. You may feel that your team responds better to one strategy over another. That means there may be some trial and error before you find the perfect approach. 

Here are three of the best dynamic performance management strategies managers and employees can benefit from:


Gamification is the process of incorporating game elements in nongame settings. This strategy uses the same interactive components used in video games to keep individuals engaged with mundane workweek tasks. When used correctly, gamification can help your team experience a serotonin boost when they reach a goal, close a sale, or accomplish something during their work week. 

There are various ways to incorporate gamification into the workweek. Some of the most popular ways to use it include:

  • Mini-games, competitions, and sales contests
  • Badges and recognition programs 
  • Leaderboards, progress bars, and countdown clocks 

Most workplace dynamics can benefit from incorporating a few game elements during the workweek. Whether you use leaderboards to help your team visualize their success for the week and badges to recognize their contributions or use countdown clocks to add a sense of urgency during the 9-5. There is no right or wrong way to use gamification – and that’s why it’s one of the most popular sales performance strategies you can use in the workplace. 

Employee Recognition Programs

A recent study suggests that over 92% of employees feel valued when they work with companies with recognition programs. Recognition programs ensure your company is always putting your team first. It’s an invaluable tool to inspire success and keep your team on track to reach their goals. 

If your company doesn’t regularly recognize your team for their contributions or achievements, it can impact the workplace experience, leading to high turnover and low employee satisfaction. A great employee recognition program is more than just a thank you or a pat on the back. It’s a well-thought-out initiative that is designed with your team in mind. You’ll want to include interactive elements, rewards, and recognition initiatives in your strategy. 

Considering incorporating reward elements such as:

  • A tiered reward system 
  • Structured recognition efforts like raises, bonuses, or awards
  • Verbal and nonverbal recognition like badges, shoutouts, or handwritten notes
  • A variety of different rewards like gift cards, free dinner, or concert tickets

A great employee recognition program has a variety of different elements. This ensures that your team operates at a high level and puts their performance first above everything else. A well-thought-out recognition program that keeps your employees happy can increase sales productivity by nearly 31%.

Sales Coaching Process

The best way to help your team get better at what they do is if you walk them through how to do it. Whether it’s a sales rep that’s been with your company for a few months or years – there are always opportunities to improve. Sales coaching also gives sales leaders an opportunity to provide positive feedback and have open communication with each rep on their team. 

With a sales coaching process, sales leaders can ensure their team always has the collaboration tools and resources they need to succeed. You can use your team’s performance to drive insightful discussions based on each individual’s performance. 

A great way to guide these discussions is to use a sales productivity tool like Spinify. Our sales gamification software allows you to create custom data dashboards you can use to drive meaningful conversations about their performance. We also have a tool kit managers, and leaders can use to always have a pulse on each individual’s overall performance. 

You should coach your team through setbacks and challenges regularly. This dynamic performance management strategy works best when combined with gamification and a recognition program. This will ensure your team is engaged with every aspect of their job. 

What’s Inside Spinify’s Coaching Toolkit

A well-thought-out sales coaching process is vital to your team’s success. If you aren’t constantly checking in with your team to see if they need help or guidance – you may never see the revenue numbers you want.

With our coaching toolkit, you’ll always have invaluable data at your fingertips. Sales managers and leadership can use our data dashboards and gamified tools to enhance the sales process and set the team up for success. 

Here’s what we include in our toolkit:

Performance Grids

Our performance grids are designed to make understanding your team’s performance straightforward. With our grids, you can understand what activities your team excels at and which ones they struggle to keep up with. This will help you strategize your approach to sales coaching and help you come to the table with talking points about how their week went, where they can improve, and where they’re excelling.

Personalized Tasks

Do you want your team members to focus on a specific sales activity? Are you asking someone to overcome a challenge or repetitive task that’s been on their plate for a while? 

With our personalized task feature, you can assign tasks to each individual sales team and always have a pulse on the current state of the task. You can even add a due date, the current status of the project or assign a color to the task. Once the task is set up, you’ll see all the tasks in one place to review. 

Leaderboard Graphs 

Our leaderboard graphs track your team’s data in real-time. This ensures that every team member and manager is always in the know of the biggest wins and accomplishments of the day. With our leaderboards, you can gauge your team’s success and have a real-time measurement of everyone’s lifetime success in competitions and mini-games. Your team can also use these leaderboard graphs to understand their own success better and get real-time insight into their progress. 


Our notes feature in the Spinify tool kit allows managers to leave private notes in the platform for only your eyes to view. With this feature, you can prepare for any meetings you have set up for the day or jot down notes about a team member’s overall performance. This will ensure that these thoughts are always top of mind. 

Gamify The Workplace With Spinify

Whether you’re looking to revamp your sales coaching process or ready to invite gamification into the workplace – Spinify is here to help. Our sales gamification tools are designed with your sales team in mind. We have a variety of tools and resources sales managers and reps can use to stay engaged and motivated throughout the work week. With our Spinify coaching toolkit, leadership can track their team’s performance in real time and build a thriving sales team. 

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