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Sales Enablement Planning 2022

Sales Enablement

Marketing and sales are two departments of a business that need to work together to bring the best out of both. However, more often than not, due to miscommunication and other issues, these two teams often find themselves at loggerheads with one another.

That’s where sales enablement comes into the equation. The main goal of sales enablement is to ensure that marketing and sales can work together to help achieve business goals. Through effective sales enablement, organizations are more likely to meet their sales targets and increase their profits significantly.

However, understanding sales enablement and implementing it is challenging for organizations new to the process. Here’s everything that you need to know about sales enablement and the top 5 practices to implement so your team can excel in 2022!

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of providing the sales team with all the resources necessary to help improve their sales figures. These resources include information, content, and different tools that can improve efficiency and help them meet targets.

The main goal of sales enablement is to provide salespeople with the resources necessary to achieve as many sales as possible. That’s where the marketing department comes into the equation and helps provide the sales team with the information and content necessary to improve their performance.

Now that you have a basic understanding of sales enablement, let’s take a look at five practices that you can implement to take your sales team to the next level.

Streamline Sales and Marketing

Customers generally tend to prefer a brand that offers a streamlined marketing and sales experience. It makes the whole buying experience feel much more personal and helps promote a more positive customer experience. So even if the sales team doesn’t close out a lead, they’ll at least provide the customer with a positive experience that can lead to more potential leads.

To effectively streamline your marketing and sales operation, the key thing you need is better communication. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons most organizations tend to experience a disconnect between their marketing and sales is a lack of effective communication.

Communication isn’t just restricted to conversing with one another; it involves effectively sharing documents and providing new content when necessary. The best way to improve communication is by implementing software that provides everything to your marketing and sales team in one single platform.

 It’s essential for organizations to align their sales and marketing operations. Through effective marketing, organizations can generate high-quality leads for their sales team.

Provide Effective Training

A major reason behind why many organizations struggle with their sales enablement processes is because they only implement training once. When organizations only conduct training at the start, it’s much more likely that the sales team will forget the training and struggle with understanding how to access the resources.

Instead of just providing a training session once, it’s effective to provide the sales team with continuous training to ensure they remember all the lessons. While employees might not be looking forward to engaging in regular training sessions, the organization can make it easier by embodying a culture that encourages training.

By employing gamification software, organizations can better assess how the sales team performs and target key areas for training. There’s no need to provide training for an area where the sales team is already performing capably. Instead, it would be best to focus on metrics that aren’t up to scratch.

Additionally, gamification software can allow the organization to assess the impact of their training.

Highlight the Best Performing Team Members

While implementing your sales enablement strategy, a very effective technique is to highlight the best performers. Every sales team will have certain members who won’t perform on the same level and will actually stand out from the crowd.

Organizations should analyze these employees and try to identify their best practices. For example, if one of your sales team members is performing better than the others, it’s clear that they’re employing certain practices that work.

By highlighting the performance of these employees, organizations can provide their other sales team members with the templates necessary to improve their performance.

Set Clear Objectives

To ensure that your sales enablement strategy functions properly, it’s important for the organization to set clear objectives. However, it’s not enough to set vague goals because they lack the direction necessary to ensure that the sales enablement strategy is effective.

There are some key characteristics that all your objectives should feature. The objectives should be tangible, actionable, measurable, and objective. If the goals feature these characteristics, it’ll give organizations more control over the direction they want their sales enablement strategy to take.

Through employing gamification, you can easily set the objectives and use them to measure employee performance.

Reduce Administrative Tasks

Through the progress of technology, it’s becoming easier and easier for organizations to reduce the administrative tasks for employees. Having to do repetitive administrative tasks significantly reduces the time that sales reps have to complete their deals.

By employing the right software, organizations can effectively automate many tasks without much effort. For example, sales automation software can help reduce the data entry requirements and even handle customer communication.

Automation technology is one of the most effective tools that you provide with your sales team; it’ll also give them more time to help meet the objectives of your sales enablement strategy.

By employing these practices, you can ensure that your sales enablement strategy works effectively and your team can perform at its best level. In addition, through sales enablement, you can improve how your marketing and sales team aligns with one another to maximize profit.

Final Word

If you’re looking for the ideal sales gamification and sales enablement software, visit Spinify to get the best solution. Spinify is the leader in sales gamification and provides organizations with several effective services.

By taking Spinify onboard, you can take your sales enablement strategy to the next level. With customized software solutions and active support, organizations can reach their maximum potential.

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