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Spice Up Your Office with Spinify: The Ultimate Gamification Tool

July 12, 2023

Ultimate Gamification Tool

With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, many businesses are choosing to get rid of their office space and reallocate their budget towards company outings and team-building activities. 

However, there’s only so much your company can do to keep team members engaged when they work from home. For many businesses, the office environment is vital to their success. Whether your team is in the office five days a week or one day a week – the time they get to spend together in a collaborative environment is essential to your company culture and the workplace experience.

However, we live in a time where working in an office isn’t necessarily “preferred.” You may find that your team is coming to the office unmotivated. If you wish, there’s a way to keep your team members engaged with their workweek tasks every time they go into the office – We have the solution for you: Spinify. 

Spinify uses the power of gamification to create a fun-filled workplace environment that thrives on collaboration, communication, and of course, friendly competition. 

We’re here to walk you through how to use Spinify to spice up your office and turn every workday into a fun-filled experience for your team. 

Let’s dive in.

The Power of Gamification

power of gamification

To understand the true power of our sales gamification software, you need to understand the importance of gamification. Gamification is the process of using game elements in non-game contexts and settings. Whether mini-games, a reward system, or a point system – these game elements can turn everyday tasks into fun-filled experiences.

To understand the influence gamification has on the individual, consider video games. Video games are a great pass time that stimulates creativity and provides a much-needed boost of serotonin. 

Every time you win a challenge, beat a level, or take down a competitor – you get hit with a serotonin boost and want to keep pushing yourself to take down your competitors.

With Spinify, you can use these same game mechanics to turn work week tasks into fun experiences for your team. Every time your sales team clocks in for work, they’ll be ready to take on the day and go above and beyond with their goals. 

What is Spinify?

Spinify is a sales gamification software that uses your team’s sales data to create an interactive experience. We use game elements like progress bars, badges, and leaderboards to keep your sales reps engaged with their workweek tasks and inspire friendly competition.

We’ve also recently rolled out a new AI-driven tool called Spinify Sidekick. With this tool, you can automate your gamification initiatives to ensure your team is always dialed in and engaged with their tasks.  

How Spinify Can Spice Up Your Office

Spinify is more than just a gamification sales software. It’s a tool that can turn days in the office into unforgettable moments with your team. 

Here are five ways you can use the best gamification tool on the market to spice up the office experience:

1. Discuss Sales Data on The Big Screen

With our software, you can stay in the know from any device in your office. Whether it’s a TV, computer, tablet, or phone: Everyone will have access to the data and tools they need throughout the day. This means you can share data and insights on the big screen to spark conversations or coach your team through challenges with data to back you up. Our platform features a beautiful and intuitive design perfect for visualizing and KPI tracking in the office to boost performance over time. 

2. Motivate Your Team With Leaderboards 


Leaderboards are an interactive game element that can help your team visualize their own success. In one recent study, a company found that implementing leaderboards in the workplace contributed to a 250% increase in business usage. Our leaderboards pull your team’s sales data and create an interactive real-time visualization of each team member’s current sales. 

If you have the team in the office, you can display our leaderboards on the TVs, computers, or projectors in your office. While your team members tackle their workweek tasks, they’ll be reminded of their current standings.

Leaderboards help your sales professionals visualize their own success and show your team how close or far they are from reaching their goals. How many calls do they need to make that day to catch up? Are they behind on booking demos, new business, or sending emails? Maybe, they want to come up on the top of the leaderboard for the most revenue that month. 

With our leaderboards, you can ensure your team is always in the know about their current success and feel inspired to go the extra mile.

3. Improve Recognition Initiatives 

Recognition is a must-have for a thriving workplace environment. Your team wants to feel recognized and appreciated for their contributions to the workplace. However, if all you’re doing is going through a list of names that got the most sales last week – you aren’t doing enough. 

With Spinify’s points, badges, and milestone celebrations – you can celebrate every accomplishment your team makes and provide motivational incentives. Our tool is designed to keep morale high and inspire your team to consider keeping up the excellent work to ensure they get the sales rewards they need to keep pushing themselves to meet and exceed their goals. 

The best part? Every time someone reaches a goal or a milestone, you can set up our software to play their favorite songs to turn every celebration into a party. 

If your team wins a badge with Spinify, don’t forget to provide them with monetary rewards. Whether it’s gift cards, tickets to a sporting event, or cash rewards – these are effective sales incentives you can use to motivate people on your team to go the extra mile. 

4. Take Your All-Hands Meetings To The Next Level

When you bring your team together for your all-hands meeting, the last thing you want to do is bore them with a PowerPoint presentation or a 30-minute-long discussion. The best way to ensure everyone pays attention is to use the game elements integrated into the Spinify app. This will ensure everyone is focused and dialed into the discussion. 

Whether going through the leaderboards, introducing a new competition, or walking through everyone’s progress bars – gamifying the all-hands experience will completely change the in-office game for the better. 

5. Inspire Fun-Filled Competitions

There’s nothing wrong with sparking some friendly competition! With our platform, you can help your team reach their goals by exciting them with their current success. You can set up competitions and display everyone’s progress on the TVs in the boardroom. This will help rally your team and give them that extra boost of motivation they need.

Get Set Up With Spinify

Whether you have a remote team or an in-office team – you can benefit from the gamification sales software we have at Spinify. Our tool is designed to turn even the most mundane tasks into fun, interactive experiences for everyone. With our software, you never need to worry about boring meetings in the office or a lack of motivation – we’re here to help. 

Schedule a demo today to learn more. 

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