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Spinify Recognized as Top Real Estate Competition Platform

Spinify Recognized as Top Real Estate Competition Platform

May 2, 2018

Spinify has been recognised as Top Real Estate Competition Platform for its productivity uplift in the real estate industry by the Domain group in its recent article “Spinify digital leader boards tap into real estate competition to lift productivity“.

Spinify Founder and CEO, Matt Bullock had a chat with Domain about Spinify about the ways it brings transparency and healthy competition to the real estate agency’s. Check out the article to see how Spinify is contributing to the real estate industry.

Team Spinify
Spinify Lively Leaderboards

About Domain Group

Domain Group offers an ecosystem of leading multi-platform property solutions. They host a suite of solutions tailored to running an efficient and successful real estate office, including MyDesktop, Pricefinder, Homepass and home connections technology. Reaching 5.9 million active and engaged property seekers each month*, Domain Media offers tailored campaign solutions to engage with consumers across multiple touchpoints. For more information, go to

Jacob Kinsman

Business Operations Manager, Harcourts Real Estate 

If your team works from multiple locations. Any of your team work from home, if you’re looking for ways to reward success and to hold a mirror up to salespeople business, get Spinify.

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