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Use Gamification To Attract Top Talent

March 1, 2021

Use Gamification To Attract Top Talent

Who said gamification was just used for fun and games? According to TalentLMS, more than 78% of candidates said that gamification in the hiring process makes the company more attractive to work for.

We are way past the days when a hiring process was just limited to some questions and exercises. Thanks to gamification, it’s now more dynamic, fun and most importantly, it’s used to attract top talent.

Before gamification, the recruitment process was gradually becoming more and more vulnerable. However, with gamification, the recruitment process is now more robust, fun and straightforward for applicants.

Let’s take a look at how you or your company can use gamification to attract top talent. But before that, we’ll first cover some basics.

What’s Gamification?

You can’t use a product without reading its manual, right? The same goes with the concept of gamification.

Basically, gamification refers to using game-like elements, mechanics, and designs in real-world scenarios. For instance, using leaderboards, ranks, competitions between candidates/employees, etc.

Gamification can be used in departments like sales, recruitment, and lots more. It’s the holy grail of boosting motivation and drive inside people using the features that they love about games.

Gamification is starting to show its true potential. According to GlobeNewswire, the gamification market will reach up to $32 billion by 2025. But how can you use gamification in recruitment? More on this in the next section.

What’s Gamification in Recruitment?

If you have correctly understood the concept of gamification, it won’t be hard for you to grasp what gamification is like in recruitment.

Basically, gamification in recruitment uses challenges, reward-based contests, and competitions to recruit people.

In every recruitment department, the recruiters can use gamification. For instance, they can skip the formal interviews and set up a contest on their website with a reward. Then once the contest is over, they get to choose from a wide variety of candidates who performed well.

Gamification in recruitment isn’t just limited to contests and challenges. It can also be centered on the recruiters. For instance, a company can use a gamification platform to set up leaderboards, rankings, and milestones to track their recruiters’ performance.

There are no boundaries when using gamification in recruitment – the possibilities are limitless. It’s on you or your company how you want to use gamification in the recruitment department.

Want to make the most of gamification in recruitment and attract top talent? We’ve got your back.

Using Gamification to Attract Top Talent

Set Up Contests

Long gone are the days when people applied to jobs with their paper CVs and their best business attire.

With gamification, you can offer the candidates a chance to win gifts, cash prizes, or other rewards by competing with each other. Set-up a public contest according to your industry and let the candidates do their thing.

The right ones will push hard to win the competition – and that will help you identify the top talent.

Related Example

Google conducts a competition every year (known as Google Code Jam). Coders from around the world are tasked with building applications, and the best coder gets a cash prize of $15,000.

What’s in it for Google? You guessed it right: exposure to the top tier of developers worldwide.

Use Simulators and Puzzles

Contests won’t cut it in your industry? Don’t worry – you can still design and use game simulators to mimic the role you are hiring for.

Simulators will indulge the participants in your custom environment, and then you can judge their skills and experience.

Although custom simulators and puzzles are harder to craft, they are perfect for making evaluating the candidates.

Related Example

Back in 2011, Siemens launched a simulator called Plantsville to simulate the experience of being a plant manager. It gave the candidates a hands-on experience of playing the role of a plant manager.

People liked the idea, and they started to play the online game. Meanwhile, it attracted top talent worldwide that helped many companies pick the best candidates.

Layout Physical Games

Last and certainly not least, you can lay out physical games to attract top talent. What we mean by that is actually setting up a physical game that tests various aspects and skills of the candidates.

Use the natural environment with respect to your industry and create a game that examines the candidates’ abilities in real time.

Related Example

Phoenix Software introduced a physical game called Escape Rooms. In this game, applicants were locked in rooms with the current employees. To break out of the room, clues and hints were given to the applicants and their partners.

This helped the recruiters to assess the abilities and skills of the applicants in a more hands-on way. Nevertheless, it attracted many people!

Final Words

With gamification, you just don’t just attract top talent, but you recruit and onboard them while having fun. At Spinify, we provide the world’s leading gamification software to help teams boost the motivation and drive in their employees with the science of gamification.

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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