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What Makes A Good Sales Enablement Manager?

April 23, 2021

As the name predicts, a sales enablement manager enables and supports the sales pipeline of a company. A sales enablement manager provides the training, tools, and content needed to support salespeople throughout the buyer’s journey. But what are some pointers that make a sales enablement manager good? Today’s piece will help you figure out just that. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see some essential skills that make a sales enablement manager stands out.


The majority of sales enablement teams make use of a CMS (Content Management System), CRM, and other productivity tools to streamline their program. A good sales enablement manager should be tech-savvy to swiftly master the tech-stack and use it to its full potential. Meaning, the manager must be ready to learn new digital tools, help others use them, etc. If a sales enablement manager isn’t ready to adapt and learn the tools in their tech stack, they won’t be able to keep up with the ever-evolving digital revolution in sales enablement.

A-Player In Managing Projects

A sales enablement manager is responsible for handling and managing multiple projects. Good sales enablement managers must be A-players in strategizing the projects, effectively using the resources, and correctly using the people working under them. A sales enablement manager who can’t keep up with the deadlines, juggle priorities, and clear roadblocks isn’t someone we would consider good.

Data Lover

Deploying, creating, and managing initiatives without using data is equal to shooting arrows in the dark.
A sales enablement manager (a good one) must be a data lover. The manager should prepare the projects, improve the sales process, predict their outcome, and manage it based on the available data from various related sources.
Without using a data-driven technique, a sales enablement manager will be experimenting and hoping the project will be successful. And that’s something we shouldn’t allow in any sales enablement pipeline.

Collaborative In Nature

Every sales enablement manager’s job is to put multiple parties on one page and then lead them to glory. However, it requires a person to be collaborative in nature with many different personalities and types of people.
A good sales enablement manager should possess collaborative skills. Leadership experience will also be considered as a plus as it will help the person to be the body that everyone willingly or unwillingly follows.

An Innovator By Heart

To be considered as a standout sales enablement manager, one must be an innovator by heart. It’s not enough to just understand emerging trends, tools, and theories. But change them according to the ever-evolving landscape of sales enablement.
Rather than sticking to the normal, a good enablement manager must be an innovator by heart who’s ready to discover new methods and create unique impacts.

Strong In Communication

All sales enablement managers play a connective role – it’s like one of their major job roles. So, they need to have strong communication skills.
A good sales enablement manager must possess all the sub-communication skills like listening, speaking, writing, presenting, and understanding.
A sales enablement manager without good communication skills is incomplete. And it’s similar to a bird with no wings.

Deep Understanding of Buyer’s Journey

The market is undergoing tons of transformation at the same time. For sales enablement managers to be on the top of their game, they must have a deep understanding of the ever-changing buyer’s journey. Not being familiar with the buyer’s journey will make a sales enablement manager use old techniques, knowledge, and tools to break into the new system. And that will just waste the resources and time of the company.

A Sound Handler Of Time

Time is limited for everyone, including a sales enablement manager. Ensuring timely execution of the projects and initiatives is critical for a sales enablement manager.
Why? Because the trends are changing like the numbers of a digital clock, if a manager cannot execute projects on time–no matter how staggering the idea was, it will fail.
Apart from that, a sales enablement manager is also responsible for streamlining existing operations and much more. Utilizing time with efficiency will help the manager to keep up with all the other major responsibilities.

Final Words

A world-class sales enablement manager will possess almost all the pointers we have mentioned above.
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