We can’t get enough of leaderboards. Whether it’s when we deliver leaderboards to solve business problems, or when, in the breakout area and see our individual rankings on the video and pinball games. After work you can find us interacting with the wider business community, sharing ideas and experiences.

Business Is All About Relationships

Spinify is the brainchild of successful entrepreneur Matt Bullock. Matt built a global payment gateway, eWAY which he sold in 2016. eWAY had over 25,000+ customers and processed $6 billion annually.  Matt knew that engaged staff who were motivated would provide a small uplift in sales performance individually and that would build across the team having a dramatic impact on revenue through new and renewing orders. Spinify solves engagement and motivation for your team as well.


Our Values

We Are Personable
Our smart, friendly humans are here to resolve any issue so you win with your incentive programs.

We Delight And Deliver
Spinify is committed to produce better customer results  that surprise and delight along the way.

Have your birthday off. We believe in rewarding hard work and celebrating all milestones, especially yours.

Competitive And Collegiate
We push people to perform better, reward them when they do and support them when they need it.

Every Frame Matters
Striving for excellence is a way of life, achieved through continuous improvement in all we do.

Team Above Individual
We are successful because we work together, share together and celebrate the good times together.


Enjoy games? Like thinking outside the box? Want a job where your work makes a difference to the world? Join Spinify in one of our many locations.