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15 Top Tips For Hitting Your 2022 Sales-Related Goals

February 8, 2022

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Striving towards sales-related goals can be a tricky slope for many sales leaders. When in a sales team, you’ll face many difficulties and might be pulled in countless different directions, which will make it hard to keep your eyes on the prize.

However, the sales team’s performance is crucial to the overall performance of the business. With many economists predicting that 2022 will be a year of economic recovery, it’s important that organizations are ready to take advantage. Here are 15 tips that will help hit your sales goals for the upcoming year.  

1. Perform an Audit of the Sales Team

Having a brutally honest audit at the start of the year will really be helpful in guiding you and the whole sales team throughout the upcoming year. Look for opportunities that are more likely to convert and focus on them. In addition, it’s important to check for logical timescales and potential barriers of sale, which may take time to overcome.  

2. Focus on Virtual Sales

The world is moving towards online selling at a rapid stage. Along with all the limitations of physical selling due to the pandemic, it is critical for you and the whole sales team to focus more on virtual selling rather than the age-old art of physical sales.  

3. Employ Sales Gamification

One of the most effective ways to improve your sales team’s performance and motivation is by employing a sales gamification strategy. Gamification involves the implementation of game elements in business scenarios. Through the use of mechanics like points, leaderboards, and rewards, organizations can motivate their employees to perform better. 

4.   Avoid Pitching, Focus On Solving Problems

For a salesperson, the temptation to pitch products never fades. It is understandable as they have to meet deadlines and targets. However, problem-solving content will continuously improve the possibility of sales. Therefore, it is important to engage prospects and try to solve their problems, rather than giving pitches during communications with customers.  

5.   Create Urgency

When in a sales team, it is essential to create real urgency to meet sales goals. Sending summary notes immediately after the client meeting, action plans, and reminders for idea implantations are methods that should be practiced with proper coaching guides. However, it’s worth the effort as they’ll help create a real sense of urgency. 

6.   Sell Emotionally

A lot of salespeople will try to sell logically in today’s environment. However, using data and/or features to sell will not be as efficient as tapping into their emotional buying reasons. By doing so will not only build a far more robust relationship with the consumer, but you will tap into information that was not available by the logical side of selling.  

7.   Give Before You Take

When you give before you take, the chances of your sale will improve. People will be more inclined towards closing a deal/ making a sale if they receive something first. It can be something as little as a sample, free e-book, webinar, etc., something that may not be directly related to the product but offers them enough value that they appreciate. 

8.   Use Social Media

If you are not utilizing social media in the sales process in today’s day and age, are you living under a rock? Social media is one of the most popular methods to promote, engage and create content. It can help build far greater relationships with the consumers and identify potential customers.

9.   Create Fans, Not Buyers 

Today’s consumers are super aware of their environment and surroundings, rather than selling to the people, focusing on showing them something they will like. By creating fans, consumers will not only be happy to buy, but they will also be happy to refer as well. Adopting a create fans, not buyers’ strategy will also improve the customer relationship, with the company as fans of the product might even overlook small mistakes.   

10. Provide Continuous Training 

While many organizations are starting to understand the importance of providing training, not many organizations are doing it properly. Simply holding a single training session often isn’t enough to get the job done. Instead, organizations should provide their sales team with continuous training.  

11. Synergize Marketing And Sales

Having the marketing and sales team work together and make a joint effort into achieving sales goals is the way to go in 2022. The marketing team can complement sales efforts, and when both departments work in a union, it will lead to more productive results. This will also make the wholesale process smoother and more efficient as well. For 2022 it will be very important for both departments to work together to achieve the year’s sales goals.  

12. Connect Content With The Buyer Journey 

If the marketing content that the organization is producing doesn’t fall in line with the buyer’s journey, then it will be challenging to generate high-quality leads. However, if the content and the buyer journey align effectively, you’re much more likely to achieve more sales.

13. Focus On Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the process of providing your sales team with the content and tools they need to make their sales more effective. By focusing on an effective sales enablement strategy, organizations can streamline their sales and marketing departments. That’ll ensure that the sales team gets access to high-quality leads. 

14. Coach And Train Keeping Emotional Intelligence In Mind 

Instead of taking a one-way approach to training your sales team, you should also focus on improving their emotional intelligence. With better emotional intelligence, your sales team is also in a much better position to close out any potential deals. 

15. Set More Specific Goals

By setting more effective goals, organizations stand a much better chance of hitting their sales goals. It allows them to take more control of the sales team’s direction. By setting broader targets, the organization can also add additional pressure onto the team, making it harder for them to reach their goals. 

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