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BLOG / 3 Ideas to Drive Sales Gamification

3 Ideas to Drive Sales Gamification

March 27, 2020

To put it in layman’s terms, gamification is the process of adding game-like elements into non-game activities. Gamification is a simple and efficient process for increasing interaction, visibility, and recreation. 

The ‘fun’ element in sales gamification, an otherwise boring process, is that it helps your employees and customers engage better with whatever processes they perform. At the same time implementing sales gamification tools will help ensure that employees have a good time along the way. 

Sales gamification is the process of motivating your sales reps to adopt revenue-generating habits through the use of interactive games. It’s a great way of improving the performance of your sales team. If the sales teams do well, then the business will perform better. 

Business owners should focus on driving sales gamification as it has several advantages – positive reinforcement almost always works. Here are 3 gamification ideas to implement in your company:

Drive Engagement with a TV for Better Visibility

drive engagement

A regular sales floor can be a dull place to be in – and an even more boring place to work in. Driving motivation stems from passion and passion comes from excitement. How can your sales reps find the energy to push products all day if they aren’t excited about doing it? 

A lively and interactive sales area can work wonders. You’ll notice your work culture change, employees are livelier, and the best talent in all your teams tend to stay longer. When the team members are feeling more motivated, they’ll work harder to attract customers and make sales. 

A sales TV that occupies the focus of the sales floor is one of the best ways to cheer your best performers on and improve the sales process. Displaying KPIs, real-stone milestone wins, target achievements, bonuses, incentives, and other personalized data on an LCD or LED screen can really shake things up. 

You’ll notice that regular contests and recognitions to top performers are a great way to boost your whole team’s engagement and awareness as a whole. Reps get more competitive (it’s important to promote healthy competition) and more interested in how others are performing. 

Developing a healthy sense of competition in your sales teams can actually be pretty beneficial for the company If you manage to promote a healthy environment of friendly jousting, it can even help your reps develop close personal relationships, which can result in higher employee retention. 

Nobody wants to sit and sift through extensive email reports – a flashy screen that plays quirky music when targets are hit is much more likely to get positive attention across all levels. It’s a gamification idea that’s simple yet incredibly effective. 

As technology becomes a more integrated part of how businesses operate, implementing proper KPIs is becoming significantly easier. A sales TV that notifies which reps are doing the best is a great way by which businesses can identify sales leaders. 

It’s crucial to identify these sales leaders because retaining them is crucial to the long-term success of the business. Not only will these individuals drive sales, but they’ll also motivate team members as well. 

Celebrate Milestones Accomplishments

Celebrate Milestones

Money feels great, nobody’s going to disagree. The whole point of focusing on building a deadly sales team is to generate revenues and in turn, produce profits – all the requirements of building a successful business revolves around the big green. 

While bonuses based on performance on the weekly, monthly, and quarterly draws are enticing, the real value comes when you show your reps the human side of it all. Cordial functioning and positive behavior can be gleaned by giving the best performers recognition. 

Celebrating their milestones (sales targets, time at the company, etc.) and other accomplishments along with their peers give employees a sense of belonging. Morale and a sense of accomplishment can be brought about publicly acknowledging the efforts and innovations brought to the table by the team member. 

It’s essential for businesses to remember that it’s the sales team that’s responsible for ensuring that the sales process is followed in an optimal manner. If the right people don’t feel duly rewarded, it can lead to a downturn in sales performance. Employing gamification correctly will help ensure that you can identify the key performers. 

To maintain a sense of mystery, you could routinely switch up your rewards. Cash bonuses aside, you can try doling out vacation tickets, spa days/ massage coupons, restaurant offers, game or concert tickets, etc. 

If you know the winner beforehand, you could even personalize the reward to show your reps that you’re paying close attention to their work and results. Every team member is going to feel motivated to contribute their best when they see their peers getting rewarded and recognized for their efforts. 

Positive reinforcement goes a long way in ensuring that you retain your best employees. If the sales performance in a particular quarter has been exceptional, then the sales team deserves a just reward. 

Random prizes and Sales Tournaments 

Sales contests

If you’ve been paying any attention to the gamification trend, this one should be a no-brainer. Random prizes for best performers on a daily, weekly, monthly basis can really get those sales juices running. 

You could get creative with it, and also reward the rep trying the hardest as well. Even if their outcome isn’t as good as the top performer’s, try to zero in on other contributing factors as well. Take into account the number of hours worked, the number of leads followed up, the kind of data collected, etc. 

While rewarding the top performer can boost morale, rewarding the hardest worker can spur the whole team’s motivation to go the extra mile. You could also set up sales tournaments that work on an elimination basis. You could pair up sales reps in a personalized fashion to help the lesser-motivated employees. 

You could also reward progressive improvement in results and targets. One of the key advantages of this gamification strategy is that it’s flexible. If the team is showing positive sales behaviors but doesn’t have the same numbers, it doesn’t mean their contribution should be overlooked. 

Recognizing everyone’s effort via the random prize strategy is a great way to drive employee engagement and motivate all your teams. 

Benefits of Sales Gamification

There are several advantages for businesses that use sales gamification. A well-coordinated gamification program can help motivate employees, boost sales, and help build a better work culture at the same time. Here are some of the many benefits that come with using gamification

Motivate Sales Team

sales team

Driving sales gamification’s biggest benefit is – you guessed it – get the energy flowing. Gamification functions as a powerful motivational tool. When executed right, it can transform your entire company’s work culture in a healthy and sustainable way. 

It’s basic biology – the dopamine rush a person gets from receiving recognition and rewards will make their work more enjoyable. Gamification also helps your team hit their sales targets on time while creating a transparent and manageable work environment. 

By using complex metrics to determine who’s getting the most sales and performing the best, employees don’t need to worry about whether their performance will go under the radar. Not only will the metrics help motivate employees, they’ll also move the company closer to achieving business goals.

Increase Employee Engagement

A major benefit of implementing a proper gamification strategy is that it significantly improves employee interaction. 

Despite the formation of sales teams, many sales reps tend to work on their own. That often leads to them feeling left out and has a negative impact on their performance. 

While gamification singles out and recognizes the top salespeople, it also helps create a more collaborative environment. Through encouraging competition, it helps progress the development of a collaborative salesforce. 

Employees are the lifeblood of any business, and ensuring that they feel valued and connected with the company will lead to a great deal of success.

Better Communication Among Sales Teams

communication among sales

One of the rewards of implementing a game strategy is that it helps boost business communication. 

Gamification requires that all participating salespeople engage in consistent communication with one another. The sales team will need to use chat groups, provide regular updates, and receive instant updates. All of these will contribute towards teams communicate better with one another. 

It can be very challenging to create an environment where the sales teams consistently remain on top of their data. 

However,  properly implementing gamification can help negate many of the challenges. Business owners can design the game to ensure that all sales reps that participate perform appropriately.

Adjustable Business Focus

business focus

By implementing gamification, businesses can use sales to either target short-term or long-term success. The flexibility of the strategy helps ensure that business owners can cater the game rewards to reflect their business goals. 

When businesses successfully implement gamification, they can easily adjust the psychology of the sales team according to their needs. 

Summing up

Implementing a proper gamification strategy is a great way for businesses to meet their sales goals and measure progress at the same time. 

By using sales to measure performance, organizations can also reward their key sales leaders accordingly. It’s a strategy that focuses on all aspects that are necessary for driving sales! 

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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