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BLOG / 6 Exciting Ways to Improve Recruiting Agencies

6 Exciting Ways to Improve Recruiting Agencies

November 9, 2019

Improve Recruiting Agencies

So in this post, we’re going to show you 6 exciting ways to improve your recruiting agency and ensure that your recruiters stay motivated no matter what.

Every year, millions of positions are filled to both employees’ and employers’ delight.

And behind them stand recruitment agencies, the silent heroes of contemporary HR.

For every position that is filled, there are dozens of recruiters working tirelessly to craft job postings, find suitable candidates, and make satisfactory matches.

Of course, the job can get overwhelming at times.

Let’s take a look!

1. Give Points for Candidate Apps and Interviews

Who says emailing and arranging interviews can’t be fun?

If you’re looking to attract more candidates to your candidate pipeline or simply conduct more interviews, it’s time to start rewarding your recruiters for doing it.

Sometimes it’s the routine tasks that burn out employees the most. By introducing a fun aspect like point collecting to it, you’ll improve your performance and your agents’ job engagement levels.

Isn’t seeing this screen infinitely more exciting than just going through applications without receiving any kind of recognition?

With Spinify’s gamified performance dashboards, you can give points to your agents for:

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Arranging interviews
  • Earning commissions

And so much more! 

You can use any metric you’d like, and Spinify will keep track of it throughout the process.

When your agents have performed a significant number of target actions (for example, arranging interviews), they’ll even get badges.

2. Need to Meet Your Commissions Target ASAP? Try Leaderboards

If the folks in sales know one thing well, then it’s how to leverage competition to improve performance.

It’s the end of the quarter and you’re struggling to hit the target. It just wasn’t a good period, right? Even your recruitment agents seem sluggish.

Don’t settle for excuses when you don’t meet the quota.

Instead, use leaderboards and exceed it against the odds.

  1. Sign up for Spinify
  2. Choose the KPIs you and your team care about 
  3. Customize the leaderboard
  4. Track the progress your agents are making
  5. Reward time!

When you add a dash of competition with leaderboards updated in real time, you’ll renew your agents’ enthusiasm and they’ll do their best to make it to the top.

And if you also reward them for it, you will exceed that quota in no time!

3. Celebrate Filled Jobs

We all know what the big goal is: improving your recruiting agency’s bottom line. 

However, for your agents, the big goal is filling jobs. All the routine tasks they perform lead to that purpose.

But usually, when a job is filled, we’re quick to move on to the next job that needs attention. Celebration is forgotten or, at best, postponed for a less hectic time.

(Needless to say – the time never comes.)

We face similar situations with onboarding. 

You hire a new recruitment agent, train them, and then they’re off to do their work. There’s no room for celebrating the fact that they move the needle forward for the entire agency.  

There’s nothing more important than recognition

75% of employees who receive recognition at least once a month state they are much more satisfied with their jobs. And when you consider the fact that employees satisfied with their jobs are more productive and generate more revenue for their companies, you can see how celebrating successes is the right way to go.

Some of the things you can celebrate are:

  • Birthdays
  • Filled jobs
  • Achievements
  • Reaching targets
  • New employees joining the team

With Spinify, not even the sky is the limit to what you can praise your recruiters for. 

4. Run Contests

Everyone loves a contest

Regardless of whether you’re running it to meet your target or just to have fun, your recruiters will love going head to head with their teammates. 

Especially if it’s to win awards.

Spice up the more tedious tasks in a recruiter’s daily work life by running games like Elimination.

Let your recruiters do what they normally would, but keep track of it and give them points

Whoever wins the most points stays in the game, with the lowest performers losing the chance to win a reward.

You can mix and match targets to cover everyone’s strengths. For example, you can track candidate interviews one week, and emails the next. 

It’s your game; start playing.

5. Team Up and Win

Recruitment is a team effort. 

However, with so many obligations and tasks, we often put teamwork on the backburner. This can lead to a stuffy atmosphere around the office, as well as a decrease in results. 

The solution?

Teambuilding on the go.

Pair up your recruiters (bonus points if the pairs complement each other skill-wise) and help them achieve a common goal. 

Then, have the pairs compete against other pairs. 

That’ll add some healthy competition into the mix, while encouraging your recruiters to work on their interpersonal skills and communication. 

In the long term, teamwork will do wonders for your retention statistics, and for your performance.

6. Choose the Right Tools

Implementing the strategies we’ve covered in this article doesn’t have to be hard. You and your recruiters can have it all; work and play.

It’s only a matter of choosing the right tools.

Improve Recruiting Agencies with Rewards
Improve Recruiting Agencies with Rewards

With Spinify’s gamified dashboard, numerous recruitment agencies boost their performance and morale:

  • Contests
  • Score cards
  • Reward stores
  • Performance grids
  • Coaching suggestions
  • Gamified leaderboards

Your recruitment agency will find everything it needs to improve in Spinify.

Spinify also integrates with CRM and other software you may be using, so the dashboard will pull data in real-time, keeping everyone in the loop (even if they’re out in the field). You can use your Spinify dashboard on desktop app, mobile, and even display the leaderboards on TVs around the office. 

It’s time to make recruitment exciting.

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