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6 Proven Ways to Motivate Employees

Every now and then, employees can lose motivation for any number of reasons, and that can lead to stress, anxiety, and declining productivity. That’s why a company must take special care of its employees’ motivation levels.

Motivated employees can turn your bad times into great times. But how can you motivate employees? What are some pointers that will help you to motivate your employees easily? That’s precisely what we are going to explore today. The seven ways we are going to showcase today are proven to motivate employees that are struggling right now. And here’s how they stack up:

Provide Feedback

According to Gallup, 43% of highly motivated employees receive feedback at least once a week. Regular feedback is essential to keeping your employees motivated. Providing feedback will make your employees feel that they are in the loop.

If your feedback will be negative, they’ll sense that there’s someone keeping an eye on their work. And in turn, they will work hard and make ends meet. On the bright side, your positive feedback will make them happy and push harder to receive more appreciation and recognition.

Providing feedback is one of the simplest and easiest ways to motivate your employees. So start doing it today!

Take Care of Their Personal Development

Doesn’t it feel good when someone cares about your personal growth? Take care of the personal development of your employees. Ask them about their goals, what they are keen to learn about, and what they hope to gain through their development. By investing in their growth at work, your employees will be more motivated than ever to show off their new skills.

Openly communicate with your employees about everything they have been going through. Feed them with appropriate advice, set training plans, and follow up regularly as they progress. There are great ways to integrate development into work hours – they deserve chances to try what they’ve learned in the moment and to be paid for their professional growth.

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Ask for Opinions and Suggestions

Humans are social animals. We want to express our opinions, thoughts, and suggestions to the people who are around us. But if we are silenced, it can kill the motivation to be a part of that respective environment. So, always ask the opinions and suggestions of your employees to keep them motivated.

According to Forbes, employees who are heard are 4.6 times more likely to perform well as they are fueled with the motivation of being the difference-maker. Asking for opinions and suggestions is one of the greatest ways to motivate your employees and get the best out of them.

Spread Trust

When you trust your employees to make important decisions, and carry out critical tasks, they’ll feel motivated. The trust factor will make your employees motivated to do their jobs the right way.

Without spreading the air of trust, your employees will not feel motivated to go the extra mile. When they know that you don’t trust them, they won’t bother to level up their skills and productivity.

So in order to trigger motivation amongst your employees, you must start trusting them. Give them a sense that some big matters are their responsibilities, and they’ll be the ones taking the credit when it is successful.

Given Them a Vision

Nobody likes to grind for an unknown reason. Without seeing the bigger picture, nobody will feel motivated to do their tasks and go beyond expectations. In order to fuel your employees with a generous dose of motivation, you must give them a clear view of the company’s vision.

Tell your employees how their work and efforts will be making a mark in the world and why they are important to the company. Moreover, share with them your ultimate vision and how it can affect the surroundings. Provide your employees with a vision and see how they’ll get motivated to do anything and everything it takes.

Make Use of Gamification

Gamification means using game-like elements to promote competition, collaboration, communication, and appreciation in the workplace! By using gamification, your employees will feel motivated to compete with their co-workers, win challenges, rise on the leaderboard, earn badges, get appreciated by managers and peers, and more!

With the help of gamification, your employees will have fun doing their work and feel motivated in winning rewards and getting the recognition they’ve earned. Gamification significantly affects motivation; start using it today to see the change!


Motivating your employees is the key to getting the best out of them! And the ways we have listed will surely help you to motivate your employees easily. If you want to look at similar pieces like this one, feel free to follow our blog! Here at Spinify, we provide coaching, gamification, work-from-home, and other solutions to help teams get ahead of their competitors! BOOK A DEMO for our solutions today to help your team get that deserving break-through.

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