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The 15 Best Sales Motivational Videos

November 22, 2020

Sales Motivational Videos

We all need a kick sometimes. And especially if you are into sales, motivation can be one of the most important qualities to keep in check. With a healthy dose of sales motivational videos, you can get the much-needed motivation to ace the meeting, brief the client, and anything else that’s coming up.

Here are the fifteen best sales motivational videos to watch when you feel blurry, low, or just want to boost your motivation.

Just Do It By Shia LaBeouf

Spend two minutes with Shia LaBeouf and you’ll be pumped up with the motivation to kill procrastination. The message in this video is what all salespeople would love to hear on a bad day. Although his enthusiastic delivery has made the video funny, it delivers a quick boost in motivation.

Shark Mindset By Walter Bond

Walter Bond led the basketball team of the University of Minnesota to the Elite Eight in 1990. But his path wasn’t easy. In this video, he recalls how his father motivated him to stay on his original goals. All the salespeople can learn a thing or two about focusing and not losing mindset from this great video.

Boiler Room: To Get You Hungry For Success By Ben Affleck

It’s no miracle that thousands of people still view the “Boiler Room” speech by the young Ben Affleck to this day. Although the speech is more than 15 years old, lessons in the video are still relevant today. This video motivates salespeople to get hungry for success and go beyond their limits.

Miracle Speech – You Were Born For This By Kurt Russell

The 1980 USA Men’s Olympic Hockey Gold Medal victory has its own place in United States sports history. In this video, from the movie based on true events, Kurt Russell addresses a team with players from various backgrounds that anyone can achieve success. The Miracle Speech has been the go-to video for all salespeople to achieve whatever they want.

Always Be Closing By Alec Baldwin

To motivate yourself or your team, sometimes you have to be blunt, clear, and direct. And one of the best examples is this video by Alec Baldwin. Whenever you feel like giving a harsh pep-talk to yourself or your sales team, this video will help you land the message.

How Successful People Think – Video Advice

Although this video is a complication of different clips, it motivates a person to think like successful people. And as a salesperson, you can make the most of this video and learn about how successful people think to make the most of the lessons. This video will give you the motivation to stand up and stand apart from ordinary people.

The Pursuit of Happiness By Will Smith

Despite being homeless for a year, Will Smith’s character, in this clip of the famous movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, tells his son about the value of chasing and protecting dreams. Will Smith played the role of a salesman in this movie. That’s most relatable about this video for anyone in sales looking for a dose of motivation.

Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are By Amy Cuddy

Queen of keynotes, Amy Cuddy, gave a quite popular Ted Talk about a person’s body language. In this video, she revealed some eye-opening facts about a person’s body language and how it can shape their personality. Amy’s advice of “power posing” can help motivate salespeople who are facing difficulties with confidence or public speaking.

Make Positivity Louder By Gary Vaynerchuk

Negativity can be dangerous to sales and can ruin all the motivation. In Gary Vaynerchuk’s Make Positivity Louder video, you’ll learn an essential skill of being positive as a salesperson. This video will help you understand the meaning of positivity and how it can boost your motivation.

Kodak Carousel from “Mad Men” By Don Draper

This speech by Don Draper helps you to boost your motivation by understanding the emotional connection between people and products. In this video, Don Draper exactly tells how emotions affect people’s decision to buy something.

TMB Panyee FC Short Film

Unable to fix a problem or can’t settle a deal with your customer? Don’t panic; this video will give you the motivation that everything is possible!

How Great Leaders Inspire Action By Simon Sinek

One of the greatest influencers, Simon Sinek, addresses how great leaders inspire action in his Ted Talk. And as a sales manager, you can talk a thing or two from this lesson-full video from Simon Sinek.

Find Your Greatness – Nike

This video by Nike shows how anyone can achieve greatness. After watching this video, you’ll be all pumped up to complete your next milestone and go beyond expectations.

Never Give Up By Denzel Washington

In the famous Never Give Up speech at the University of Pennsylvania, Denzel Washington stressed embracing failures and fears to rise. Moreover, there are a couple of valuable lessons for salespeople in this video.

Iron Lady of Pakistan – Muniba Mazari

It’s easy to overlook the blessings we already have, as today’s society is always pushing us for more. In this video, the iron lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mazari, addresses her terrible accident, how she overcame fears, and everything in between. If you are falling short on inspiration, this video will surely boost you up.

Well, that’s our roundup of fifteen best sales motivational videos. They will help you in times when your motivation levels are low.

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