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How Gamification Affects Motivation

Teens and adults love video games because they offer instant gratification, rewards, and even virtual points. So what happens when you take the gaming mechanisms and apply them to the workplace? How gamification affects motivation?

With gamification, employee productivity increases

Gamification in the workplace is not a new trend. 

It’s been here for a long time, but the majority of businesses are only catching up now. The revolutionary idea to use gaming mechanisms and techniques to develop tools and platforms that could effectively gamify the workplace is here to stay. 

Right from RPG (Role Playing games) apps, to using rewards, badges and points, gamification is essential for increasing job engagement and motivating your employees.

1.Does Gamification Make Employees Happier?

To break away from the monotony of routine tasks, there is gamification. 

Recent surveys have noted that gamification not only increases workplace productivity but also engages employees and helps in retaining talented people for a longer time. 

According to recent gamification studies, around 48% of employees have agreed that gamification affects increasing engagement and 72% state that gamification inspires them to work harder

As they say, happy employees make the company happy. 

So if you want to increase your productivity and, consequently, your revenue, you need to hop on the gamification bandwagon!

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2. Why Does Gamification Affects Employees Motivation?

Human beings are social animals. And as social animals, they can’t go on without socializing or being validated. 

The need for validation has been heightened by social media, and it’s becoming pretty clear that your employees need to feel their efforts are recognized in order to feel happy with the work they’re doing.

Promotions are usually the number one way companies reward employees. However, you can’t promote every employee every month – it’s unsustainable. 

Fortunately, there is gamification to give that sense of validation to your employees. With its rewards, coupons, and virtual ‘pats on the back,’ gamification provides instant gratification:

  • Gamification affects or boosts motivation because employees get the rewards and recognition they seek. For this, many companies have set up leaderboards to encourage everyone in the company to become the top performer.
  • Gamification taps into another big motivator when it comes to workplace productivity: control. It gives the employees a sense of control when they are moving up and getting rewards. 
  • With direct action cues and daily to-do lists, employees know exactly what to do – and when to do it. They know where they are, and how they can improve.
  • There’s a sense of healthy competition among the employees. Everyone approaches competition in good spirits, which affects the company’s bottom line.
  • Gamification also helps with teamwork. You simply have to divide the teams and assign specific tasks. In order to win the reward at the end, each team has to work together and complete all their tasks.

There’s also an additional benefit of transparency and accountability: everyone knows what others are doing, so there’s no vagueness about results. 

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You can also give your team members real-time feedback so they can improve. And with gamified elements like the ones Spinify offers (rewards, points, coupons, challenges, levels and leaderboards), you can find something for everyone.

3. How to Make Gamification Work for Your Company

If gamification is just what the doctor ordered for your company, here’s what you need to know to get started:

3.1 Identify Your Gamification Goals

Start with your goals in mind; what is the purpose of your gamification strategy

You should reverse-engineer gamification goals to find the best methods and processes.

3.2 Consider Your Employees

Understand what gamification will look like for your employees so you can improve user adoption. Connect the entire sequence with how it will impact your employees, and consider how effective it will be for your business.

For example, Spinify’s gamified sales dashboards allow you to completely customize the view for your employees, and they’re simple to use. 

3.3 Pick the Right Gamification Software

Picking the right gamification software is key to successfully implementing gamification at your office, and leveraging it to increase your revenue.

Fortunately, Spinify can help!

A completely gamified sales dashboard, Spinify helps you motivate your employees and monitor their performance.

With features that range from leaderboards and contests, to performance tracking insights and score cards for employees motivated by their personal progress, Spinify gives you everything you need!

You can monitor every KPI you care about; from micro KPIs like calls, to macro KPIs like targets.

And to keep you employees motivated, display your Spinify leaderboards on office TVs!

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