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7 Fun Sales Day Ideas

November 18, 2019

In this article, we’re going to show you 7 engaging ideas for sales day competitions. There’s nothing like a sales day to motivate your sales team and boost your results.

But if you want that sales day to truly drive results and ensure your team is performing at their 110%, it’s time to set up a contest.

Let’s take a look!

1. Pair Selling

Ben Jackson, VP of Voices, swears by this contest. 

It works wonders for his sales team’s motivation when it’s time to push the pedal to the metal and take those results home.

Pair selling is also one of the rare contests that aren’t going to pit individual team members against one another, but help them improve their teamwork skills while boosting their results.

How Does Pair Selling Work?

Pair low and high-performing sales reps and give them a common goal. 

Then, have them compete with other teams and keep track of the score.

This way, team members will positively influence and mentor each other. They’ll both get help with their weaknesses, while sharing their strengths with their team member. 

2. Raffles

There’s nothing like sales day to set up a raffle and drive better performance.

For example, you could give your team members points for every action they perform. 

(This is also a great way to reward every member of your team, not just your top performers.) 

By shifting the focus to activities, as opposed to results, your team members will be more motivated to reach the goal. 

After all, they’ll see how much every single thing they do moves the needle forward. 

How Do Raffles Work?

1 action (e.g. phone call) = 1 ticket for the raffle

Just make sure the rewards are appealing!

3. Leveling Up!

There’s nothing like gamification to improve your team’s morale!

Give points for activities reps perform, and then set up different tiers they can “level up” to. 

How Does Leveling Up Work?

You can keep track of different tiers manually. 

If you want to make it even more engaging, sign up for Spinify.

It’s a gamified sales dashboard tool. You’ll be able to set up and customize your entire system; from KPIs to gamification features such as:

  • Tiers
  • Points
  • Rewards

gamified sales dashboard tool

Spinify will also keep track of reps that overtake others. You’ll be able to display the leaderboard results on your PCs and phones, as well as office TVs. 

It’s a great way to streamline motivation – especially if you want that sales day to go off without a hitch! 

4. Switch Up Your Salesperson of the Month Contests

Salesperson of the Month is the oldest trick in the sales motivation book. 

Unfortunately, it’s often only a way of rewarding sales reps that drive immediate financial results. 

However, that principle does very little to reward reps with other skills such as coaching and customer communication.

So, how can you switch it up and motivate everyone – not just top performers?

How to Switch Up Your Regular Sales Contests

Make a schedule of the different characteristics you’ll reward under that title.

For example, in December you could give the title of Salesperson of the Month to the sales rep who has spent a lot of time coaching their colleagues.

In April, that could be the rep who gets the best reviews, and so on.

5. Big Kahuna Contest

There’s nothing sales reps love more than competing for the biggest clients. And the higher-ups love landing key accounts, too.

It’s a win-win!

Spinify TV

How to Set Up a Big Kahuna Contest

List (or have your team help you) all the major leads your team has been struggling with in this period. 

Then, have your sales reps randomly pick out 3-5 major leads.

Establish a time period within which they have to close the deal, and there you have it! Your contest is ready to go!

You can even use Spinify to keep track of their progress with leaderboards.

6. Bingo

Sometimes, simple things are the ones that drive most results. And when it comes to engaging sales day ideas, bingo is one of the best (and easiest). 

How Does Sales Bingo Work?

Give every rep on your team a bingo card with different sales goals on it. 

The sales rep who completes or connects the most fields will be the winner. 

Sales bingo works even better if it’s time-limited. This makes it perfect for sales days when you really want to get those results as soon as possible.

Sales bingo is also a great way to boost your results even while you’re working on other things. 

Reps can play it almost passively, and it’ll work even better if you reward them for every bingo.

7. Upsell Time!

The majority of sales teams focus on landing new clients. That’s completely natural. However, there’s a wealth of new revenue to be found in existing clients. 

How Does Upsell Time Work?

Set up a contest that’ll reward reps for upselling your existing clients. 

They can work on new leads at the same time. 

However, they should allocate a certain period of time to communicating with existing clients.

In addition to being a fun way to switch up the regular sales routine, Upsell Time will also help you improve your retention rates across the board.

Give Your Sales Day a Boost with Spinify!

The real success formula behind sales day boosts is visualization.

If your reps can’t see how much they’re contributing to the target, they won’t be motivated to keep excelling.

Rep Achievements

A simple but fun sales dashboard like Spinify lets you turn every day (and especially a sales day) into a game:

  • Keep track of points
  • Set up fun contests
  • Help your sales reps level up, and earn new badges and achievements
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Give the most enticing rewards

With Spinify, every day can be as motivating as sales day.

And when the time comes, you’ll know exactly how to make your team roll up their sleeves and get to work.

It’s sales time!

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