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Benefits with Gamification for JobAdder

March 22, 2021

Recruiters are the silent and unsung heroes of every company. These guys work tirelessly to craft job postings, make suitable matches and find the right candidates for the company.

With Spinify + JobAdder, you can use gamification to make the jobs of your recruiters in your team fun and compelling. Spinify, the world’s leading gamification, now lets you integrate your JobAdder account and enjoy the benefits of gamification.

Today, we are going to discover some of the benefits of gamification for JobAdder you get with Spinify.

So let’s get right into it.

Rewarding Recruiters With Points

Day and night, recruiters look through thousands of CVs to pick out the right match for their companies. A recruiter’s job is somewhat boring -, but when you use Spinify with JobAdder, it gets a whole more interesting and fun. With Spinify sales gamification software, you can use your JobAdder account and add fun aspects to the working routine of your recruiters.

You can create a rewarding system with the help of Spinify’s gamified performance dashboards. Reward points to your recruiters for sourcing candidates, arranging interviews, filling job positions, and more. With points, you can also create custom-badges to identify recruiters who are absolutely killing it. By using Spinify’s gamified rewarding system with JobAdder, your recruiters will enjoy their job more.

Use Leaderboards To Fuel Competition

The recruiting process can get boring, but what if we use game-like leaderboards for the players (recruiters)?

With Spinify + JobAdder, you can do it with just a few clicks. Set up a leaderboard using Spinify and JobAdder, choose the KPIs, customize the leaderboard, and start tracking the progress of your recruiters.

Leaderboards will include the performance and activities of every recruiter in your team. Everyone will be able to see what’s going on and who’s performing in real-time. This will create competition amongst your recruiters, and we all know what healthy competition produces.

Spinify + JobAdder transforms the way your recruiters compete with each other. Spinify makes the data of your JobAdder account visually digestible with their top-notch leaderboards feature.

Lastly, Spinify leaderboards let you fully customize and personalize the leaderboard so that you are the one controlling the competition.

Celebrations Like Never Before

Throwing a party at the end of the month after seeing who’s been more successful is so old school.

With Spinify + JobAdder, you get to experience celebrations like never before.

Your JobAdder data is connected with Spinify – and every single activity is being tracked, monitored, and shown to you in real-time. Spinify lets you kick-in the celebrations whenever a certain milestone, goal, or anything you have set gets completed.

Celebrations are fully customizable. You can edit the celebration text, choose the background sound that’s going to be played, throw in a meme and do pretty much anything to celebrate achievements in real-time.

Spinify makes sure that celebrations are never forgotten, even if the achievement is not a deal-breaker. From filling a job to getting a new member on board, Spinify lets you celebrate it all in style.

Run Contests & Reward Gifts

Using JobAdder as standalone recruitment software, you can’t run contests between your recruitment team. But don’t worry, with the Spinify + JobAdder integration, it’s possible!

Contests are one of the best ways to drive competition amongst employees, having fun and, most importantly, benefiting the company.

You can spice-up the recruitment space by setting up contests via Spinify. With Spinify, you can run head-to-head contests, challenges, and team-wide competitions. For making things attractive, attach awards and see how your recruiters will work hard to stay on top of each other.

Without Spinify, you can run contests nor reward gifts to your recruiters effectively. However, with Spinify, you can track each and every move of your recruiters, give points accordingly, and see them compete with each other in real-time.

Teaming Up & Working Together

Recruitment isn’t a one-man show but a team game. Yes, you can manually make teams in your recruitment department and let them work together – but that isn’t an effective way when you have access to Spinify + Job Adder.

With Spinify, you can create teams in your recruitment space and help them achieve a common goal. Or you can set-up a team-based competition in your recruitment space and decide on a prize for the winner – there are thousands of things you can do.

Pairing up your recruiters with Spinify automatically tracks their activities, progress, etc., in real-time, according to the regulations you have set.

Teaming up your recruiters will increase their collaboration, communication, and other soft skills that will eventually help your company in the long-run.

Final Words

By using the Spinify + JobAdder integration, you get to enjoy the precious perks of gamification in your recruitment space.

Feel free to sign-up for Spinify today and try the world’s leading gamification software. To connect with us, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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