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Gamification Leaderboards for Recruitment

Gamification Leaderboards for Recruitment

January 11, 2021

Recruitment is one of the hottest sectors in any company. From interviewing candidates to filling jobs and seeking new talent, the recruitment process takes some juice out of the recruiters.

And that’s why a company should gamify its recruitment sector. Gamification brings in the thrill of game-like mechanics where recruiters get to compete and out-do each other. However, the right gamification leaderboards must be used for recruitment to make the most of gamification.

With that being said, in today’s piece, we’ll be touching on the most popular and useful gamification leaderboards for the recruitment sector. These leaderboards are must-haves when implementing gamification in your recruitment sector.

Jobs Filled

The end goal of all the recruitment sectors is to fill in the vacancies with the right candidates. And if you aren’t using this leaderboard in your recruitment sector’s gamification set-up, then there’s nothing strange about your recruiters being on the loose.

Jobs Filled leaderboard is one of the essentials in gamifying recruitment sectors the right way. It will contain all the information about the recruiters and how many jobs they have filled in the company. And other recruiters will be able to see and learn from the leaderboard.

If Peter is at the top of the Jobs Filled leaderboard and Jimmy (Peter’s colleague) is somewhere down the bottom, he’ll do his best to compete with Peter and make sure he’s the one filling in the majority of jobs.

Recruiters who have filled the most available jobs in the company and who are on the top of this leaderboard will be respected. And their colleagues will seek knowledge from their experience and expertise.

Candidates Interviewed and Called

Another leaderboard you should include in your recruitment sector’s gamification set-up is the Candidates Interviewed and Called. If there’s no tracking and competition on how many candidates have been interviewed and called, how come you can expect to see results?

Set-up a gamification leaderboard that’s solely about the count of candidates interviewed and called by a recruiter. This way, all your recruiters will go hard on interviewing candidates more and more. And will do their best to pick the best talent as they are competing for the best candidates interviewed and called ratio.

This leaderboard will not just highlight the most active recruiter but the one who’s actually bringing in the right candidates. If this leaderboard isn’t being used in your company’s gamification set-up, then both you and other recruiters are seriously missing out.

Commissions Earned

Apart from real money numbers, what motivates and drives the person to strive? Absolutely nothing. Commissions Earned leaderboard will showcase all recruiters the progress of their colleagues. And how they are actually doing from the money perspective.

Money has the ultimate motivation power, and we can see that everywhere around us. So when your recruiters will be able to see their colleagues’ commission-wise progress, they’ll work hard to do better than them.

The choice is yours; you can set-up a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly Commission Earned leaderboard in your company. It will not just benefit the recruiters to get the drive of earning more but your company to get more and more exposure to hidden talents.

Lastly, this leaderboard in any recruitment sector will highlight the hard-working and talented recruiters to the company. And this way, the company will be able to make the most out of their practices and experience to teach others.

Successful Interviewer

Successful interviews are only going to end up filling in the jobs. And if the interviews aren’t successful, the whole effort of calling the interviewee in the first place goes into vain. That’s why it’s vital that your gamification set-up must include a leaderboard of Successful Interviewers.

This way, recruiters who have the most percentage of successful interviews will get the attention and respect they deserve. Moreover, it will help other recruiters reach out to them and learn how to make their interview sessions more successful and beneficial.

The person who’s leading the leaderboard of Successful Interviewer will be able to share their knowledge with others. And this will create collaboration opportunities between the recruiters, resulting in more and more interviews going successful.

The Successful Interviewer leaderboard can significantly impact your recruitment team’s motivation, drive, and communication levels.

Final Words

Correct gamification leaderboards for the recruitment sector are necessary to harness the full potential of gamification. At Spinify, we provide the best gamification platform for your company’s recruitment division.

Whether you are looking forward to improving your recruiters’ motivation or filling existing jobs, our recruitment solution serves everything. From setting the right gamification leaderboards to engaging your recruiters via personal messages and competitions, our recruitment solution provides it all.

Gamify your recruitment staff today with Spinify’s world’s leading Sales gamification software and see how gamification changes the whole course of your recruitment sector.

Jacob Kinsman

Business Operations Manager, Harcourts Real Estate 

If your team works from multiple locations. Any of your team work from home, if you’re looking for ways to reward success and to hold a mirror up to salespeople business, get Spinify.

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