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Best Practices for Recruitment Gamification

March 19, 2021

Even in 2021, gamification is a buzzword. People don’t know much about gamification, let alone its best practices in the recruitment space.

In simple terms, gamification is the art of using game-like mechanics and design to engage and motivate people for a specific target.

Today, we’re  going to explore the best practices for recruitment gamification. However, before that, we’ll touch on some of the pre-requisites so you can easily understand the topic of today’s piece.

So let’s get started.

Gamification In Light Of Recruitment

We are living in a digital era where everyone has access to everything. This makes the typical recruitment and interview processes ineffective and scripted.

Both recruiters and the candidates tend to have pre-planned questions and answers. And this makes the recruitment process just a formal meet and greet.

Gamification in recruitment challenges the way a candidate is being recruited in a company.

Interactive quizzes, job-role specific tasks, behavioral tests, etc., replace the common recruitment loop and introduces something fun, entertaining, and meaningful. Gamification in recruitment produces immediate results that come in handy to decide the future of the candidates.

Why You Need Gamification In Recruitment?

Recruitment is one of the high-stake jobs as the whole company depends on it. With traditional recruitment, recruiters aren’t able to figure out the true potential of candidates easily.

With the help of gamification, recruiters are able to see hands-on results and test specific skill sets of the candidates on the go. Using gamification elements, it gets easier for recruiters to assess how the candidates will perform in their actual job roles.

The traditional recruitment process doesn’t attract top talent as they are too lazy to appear for a formal interview. However, gamified interviews attract the cream of the crop as they are based on real-life tasks, innovative assessments, etc.

Types Of Recruitment Gamification

Now before we move towards discovering the best practices for recruitment gamification, it’s vital to understand the two types of gamification in recruitment.

Firstly, and the most obvious use of gamification in recruitment is in recruiting candidates. It only deals with the process of candidates using game-like mechanics and elements.

Last and certainly the most overlooked use of gamification in recruitment is within recruiters. Gamification within recruiters makes use of game-like design to create competition amongst the recruiters.

It’s time to discover the best practices for gamification within recruiters and in recruiting candidates.

Best Practices For Gamification Within Recruiters

Set-Up Leaderboards

First and foremost, set-up a leaderboard based on the jobs filled and candidates interviewed in your recruitment space. Launch a ranking system and award points and badges to the recruiters in your recruitment team. The leaderboard will be tracking the progress of recruiters in real-time, and everyone will be able to see their ranks, points, and badges.

Run Contests

Don’t forget to run contests amongst your recruiters. Assign a specific task, its stages, and then start the contest. Recruiters in your recruitment team will compete with each other to get the first spot and receive the attention and recognition they deserve.

Running contests will also unveil the recruiters who aren’t performing well, and then you’ll be able to work on them accordingly.

Plant Rewards-Based On Milestones & Goals

One of the best practices to use gamification within recruiters is to plant rewards based on milestones and goals. Your recruiters will go head-to-head with each other to complete the milestone and goals for redeeming the rewards you have set.

You’ll see a sudden spark in their drive and engagement to complete milestones and goals. We also recommend to set-up an automated gamification recruitment leaderboard so that everyone gets to see the progress of others.

Best Practices For Gamification In Recruiting Candidates

Design A Simulation

Design a simulation based on the job role your recruitment team is looking forward to hiring. For instance, if your company is hiring for a manager, design a simulation where candidates get to play a role of a manager. Although designing a simulation can be quite complex and expensive, it’s one of the best practices for using the science of gamification in recruiting candidates.

Create A Puzzle Game

Next up, creating a puzzle game can be highly effective yet a low-cost option to make use of gamification in recruiting candidates. Create a puzzle according to what you are looking for and then use it to assess the skill of the candidates.

Set A Task With An Attractive Prize

Last and certainly not least, set a task with an attractive prize to recruit top-notch talent in your company. For instance, if you are hiring for a web developer, set a task to create a full-stack web app and announce a prize for the winner.

Final Words

Are you looking forward to applying the best practices of gamification in your company? Spinify has got your back. Features of Spinify like leaderboards, achievements, performance grid, etc., let you apply the best practices of gamification in your company.

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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