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Boosting Sales Performance Cutting-Edge Gamification and AI Technology

April 29, 2023

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Is your team falling behind on their goals? Are they struggling to connect with new customers or retain current customers? It may be time to revamp your strategy and rethink your team’s approach to sales.

In today’s digital age, it pays to stay at the forefront of technology by leveraging cutting-edge tools like gamification and AI technology. These tools can help you build a thriving workplace dynamic that keeps your team members engaged, inspired, and on track to meet their goals. 

Whether you’re new to AI or gamification – you’ve come to the right place. 

We’re here to help you learn how to utilize tools to help boost sales performance and keep your team on the right track. 

Let’s dive in. 

Gamification vs AI: What’s the difference?

gamification vs ai

Gamification is when you leverage game elements in a non-game setting. With gamification, you can inspire friendly competition and keep your team engaged with their workweek tasks through mini-games, leaderboards, badges, and more. 

AI is short for artificial intelligence. This tool uses human intelligence to help you complete simple tasks like collecting data, automation workflows, and brainstorming new ideas. 

When you combine both tools, you create gamification AI. This is when you use AI to enhance your gamification techniques and automate some of the game elements you plan to use in the workplace. 

Businesses everywhere are adopting gamification into the workplace. It’s expected that over 70% of Global 2000 companies use gamification. With the recent buzz about AI, we’re sure to see more tools and brands market their software as gamification AI in the near future. 

Examples of Gamification and AI 

Gamification and AI go hand in hand. You likely interact with websites, brands, and apps that use both tools to enhance the user experience, increase retention, and boost their own sales. 

Gamification AI helps improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction. In a recent study, a customer service agency used gamification in their process and found employee engagement increased by over 25% after the implementation of gamification. 

Many businesses in the B2C space also use gamification and AI to improve the workplace. 

Here are three brands that effectively use gamification AI and what you can learn from them to improve your workplace experience. 


Let’s face it – learning a new language can be challenging. It’s frustrating, complicated, and challenging. Duolingo has figured out a way to use the power of AI and gamification to make learning a new language a fun, interactive experience for its customers. Every time someone logs into the app, they are greeted with a personalized lesson based on their progress. If they want to maintain their streak, they must log into the app every day. These small choices the app makes lead to high levels of engagement and retention. 

Businesses can use these same gamification AI tactics to boost their sales and keep sales team members engaged. What if the only way to earn a badge was to make 10 calls in a day? What if every time your team members logged in, they were greeted with sales challenges paired with personal sales goals? These initiatives can completely change the workplace dynamic for your sales team and customers: For the better. 


Headspace is an app that helps individuals improve sleep patterns, meditate, and feel more relaxed. In today’s digital age, it’s not always easy to eliminate distractions or disconnect from the world around you. Headspace uses gamification and AI to help individuals stay on top of their personal goals and keep wellness top of mind. 

When customers log into the app, they are greeted with a dashboard filled with data and analytics on their personal experiences. This helps the individuals visualize their success and find their own pain points that keep them from meeting their goals and accomplishments. 

Companies can use the same tools to enhance their team’s productivity. With data and insights, you can help your team visualize their own success and help them get closer to reaching their goals. With personalized dashboards full of data on their own performance, your team will know what they need to do during the workweek to reach and exceed their goals. 


Starbucks is well known for its popular rewards program. This reward program uses gamification to engage with customers and AI to predict customer behavior and provide a personalized experience for each customer. By introducing AI, Starbucks can provide product recommendations, send customers special offers, and take a data-driven approach to its strategy. 

While handing out gold stars to every customer or sales team member that reached their goal might not work for your business dynamic, there’s a ton you can learn from Starbucks’ gamification AI reward model. How can you use data to understand your customer’s likes and dislikes? How can you improve your best sales practices to meet the customer’s needs and keep your sales team engaged with the experience? You can use their strategy to improve your sales process and keep your team engaged with their everyday tasks. 

Introducing Sidekick – Powered by SpinifyGPT

We’ve taken the gamified experience to the next level. With Spinify Sidekick, you can personalize your team’s Spinify experience with smarter sales competitions, tailored metrics, and new opportunities. 

With the addition of AI, leaders in the workplace can set up competition quickly and efficiently. You no longer need to spend countless hours brainstorming new ideas or looking for new opportunities online – SpinifyGPT will do it all for you. 

All you need to do is set your team members up with Spinify. Our auto-generation tool will use your team’s metrics, data, and insights to create compelling experiences.

The Benefits of Spinify Sidekick

Our generative AI technology provides a next-level experience for sales teams of every size. Companies that have used Spinify have seen a 117% increase in average daily SAOs and a 40% increase in customer communication. 

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating our Spinify Sidekick into the mix:

Personalized Experience 

Spinify Sidekick uses each person’s own sales data and metrics to create a custom experience. The personalized touch will ensure your team members stay engaged with the experiences and are always shown tools, metrics, and inspiration relevant to the individual. 

Smarter Competitions 

It’s not easy maintaining creative efficiency all the time. Whether you’re dealing with the mid-year slump or struggling to stay focused during the holidays – we could all use an extra push once in a while! 

With our Spinify Sidekick, your sales team can create custom competitions that align with their unique goals and your industry. This will help you improve the brainstorming process and ensure you always have fun, interactive experiences set up for your team members. 

Improved Productivity

While you can set up competitions and use sales gamification software in the sales process without AI, it won’t yield the same results. If you want to help your team meet their goals and boost your revenue, you must provide them with tools that take the stress out of mundane tasks. 

With Spinify Sidekick, your team doesn’t need to think through different ways to use our sales gamification tool. They can start using these tools however they want and in any context. 

The same goes for your leadership team. With Sidekick, they can set their sales team up for success and no longer need to worry about small everyday tasks. This will help them get more time back in their day to focus on important tasks and projects. 

Intuitive Experiments 

Is your team struggling to come to the table with new ideas? Are they not thinking outside of the box enough? With Spinify Sidekick, your team members will always have access to a list of suggested experiments they can use to increase revenue and reach their sales goals. This will help improve performance and keep your team always in the mood to try something new. 

Leverage Gamification AI with Spinify

AI and gamification are two invaluable tools every workplace can benefit from if they want to boost sales and improve performance. 

If you’re ready to improve the workplace experience for you and your team- you’ve come to the right place. The Spinify Sidekick helps streamline your team’s success and keep them engaged with their workweek tasks. Our tools help you create an individualized experience that inspires friendly competition and keeps your team motivated.
Book a demo today if you’re ready to boost sales and see results.

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