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Change and its impact

January 11, 2017

It’s interesting watching the changes happening in the political arenas across the globe and the reaction that people have to it. There are those who are deniers and insist the change isn’t or won’t happen. There are those who want to resist the change and this can take many forms, from passive aggressive behavior through to activities that aim to overthrow the change and reestablish the status quo.  There are the cautious optimists who try to take a balanced view of the change, weigh up the pros and cons which they are happy to debate without revealing if they think the impact will be positive or negative. Then there are those who embrace the change, who are excited by the possibilities and who look for the opportunities.

No matter what the change is there are always opportunities for those who look for them. The key is in  seeing problems as stepping stones to learn, grow, improve, or adjust in a way that benefits them.

This approach reduces stress as the change is viewed in a positive. It also contextualizes the change by thinking about the effects and potential responses to the change which can be broken down and analyzed.  It encourages and individual to adapt and improve on a continuous basis (the only constant is change) and it becomes a self perpetuating habit, making it easier to deal with future change.

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