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Creating the Perfect Sales Pitch

August 11, 2022

Sales Pitch

A salesperson’s primary job is to pitch their product or service to a prospective buyer. Most times, sales pitches don’t take longer than a minute or two. There are many ways to go about sales pitching. For some people, it might come naturally. However, for others, they can make use of existing templates to make their sales pitch.

A sales pitch can happen anywhere. It could be in a lobby, an event, or even an elevator. During this brief period of contact, the salesperson will attempt to get the prospective client’s attention on the products or services being pitched. Due to its usual short duration, a sales pitch is also called an elevator pitch.

What Is A Sales Pitch?

A sales pitch is an approach by salespersons to get the attention of prospective customers, so they engage in a more extended conversation. It’s a short sales presentation where a salesperson explains the details and benefits of their product to get prospects’ attention.

Sales pitches are meant to be precise, short, and informative. This gives the client all he needs to know about the business within that short period and decides whether the salesperson can successfully catch the person’s attention. If it is a successful sales pitch, there will be more chances to discuss your products and services with the client.

Is An Elevator Pitch A Sales Pitch?

Many individuals frequently ask this question. The answer is yes; a sales pitch and an elevator pitch are the same. A great sales pitch usually takes only a short moment, within the span of an elevator ride. Hence, where the name ‘elevator pitch’ comes from. Whether sales pitch or elevator pitch, both are the same thing.

It takes a lot of practice to summarize and present a brief expository on a product or service. The sales presentation has to be short and precise to draw the prospective client’s attention. Once the salesperson gets the prospect’s attention, it’s time for a more extended conversation to conduct a sale and build trust.

Sales Pitch Examples and Tips For Writing Your Own

Pitching sales takes practice to be able to get the hang of it. Sales reps need to be prepared earlier before going out to pitch. A good sales pitch needs to have a purpose and be concise to get the full attention of the prospective buyer. A good sales pitch should solve a problem the prospective buyer has. That is what grabs their attention.

1.   Phone Pitch

This kind of sales pitch is one of the most common. Many people at some point in their life have experienced a phone pitch before. The phone pitch is a famous product pitch example and has advantages. The phone pitch is easy, fast, and very far-reaching.

During a sales call pitch, a salesperson has to pitch their specific product while being friendly and explaining the product or service’s value to the prospect. Phone pitching is very easy to conduct and is a favorite method of pitching for many sales teams. It also has an extensive reach.

2.   Email Pitch

The email pitch is less popular than the phone pitch. However, when used properly, it still produces successful results. The email pitch is done by briefly describing the value of your product or how to solve a problem and sending it as mail to prospective clients’ email addresses.

A good email pitch perfectly describes the company’s nature, product knowledge, and benefits, all in a short and detailed message. You should add testimonies and benefits to increase the prospects’ curiosity about the pitch. As long as there’s no ambiguity and the specific product is of value to the client, you can strike a successful deal.

3.   Deck Pitch

A deck pitch is a great sales pitch involving face-to-face contact with prospective buyers. It consists in delivering a presentation to a group of prospects identifying a problem, and offering a solution. Generally, you would carry out the display with presentation packages like PowerPoint.

Salespeople in this kind of sales pitch usually deal with more receptive clients who are open to hearing about the product or service. Using creative ideas and visual aids helps make for a better pitch. Highlighting key points is also a method deck pitchers use to pass across main points quickly.

Coming up with a good sales pitch on your own can be difficult sometimes, and there are many pain points. Knowing what to say to grab a prospect’s attention and finishing in a short time can be very taxing. Getting a person’s attention is one of the most challenging aspects of being a sales rep. Building up the confidence and experience needed for a compelling pitch takes time. There are many ways to have a successful sales pitch; here are some tips on how to go about it.

1.   Start With The Problem

When conducting a sales pitch, it’s better to begin by stating the problem you can solve. Knowing the problem solution that you’re pitching decides whether the prospect will be interested or not. If the solution is one that the prospective customer has been looking for, you’ll catch their interest.

2.   Creatively Tailor The Pitch

Creativity is key to standing out! People won’t feel drawn to any random pitch; being creative when writing your pitch will help grab the prospect’s attention. Tailoring your product pitches to sound more personalized helps create a good atmosphere for the pitch.

3.   Emphasize Stakes

When writing an effective sales pitch, letting the stakes be known is an excellent way to improve the success rate. Tell prospects what will happen if they don’t solve the problem using your proposed solution. When clients feel like they stand to lose something, they tend to pay more attention to the pitch.

Methods For Your Sales Pitch

1.   The Data Dump

Supplying information is the best way to catch a buyer’s attention. Directly identifying the problem and then providing the solution while describing your company’s benefits catches people’s attention to the solution faster. 

2.   The Connection Approach

This method involves approaching the customer with a standard connection to build a rapport between you. This method helps the prospective buyer feel close to you and build trust while you pitch solutions to their problems.

3.   Congratulatory Approach

The congratulatory approach involves the sales representative presenting the solution to a problem in a celebratory way. Such templates usually begin with ‘congrats.’ This helps put the prospect in the right mood.


Writing the perfect sales pitch can be difficult. An effective sales pitch involves offering a solution to a problem or promoting a product or service to a prospective client in a brief contact period. The sales pitch usually occurs within the time it takes for an elevator ride. Sales pitching requires various procedures, which can be improved using tools like Spinify.

Spinify makes sales reps’ work more accessible and effective by helping improve sales performance and providing a competitive environment that allows sales teams to meet sales goals quickly. Spinify also recognizes achievements and grants badges to help foster competition.

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