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Enterprise Gamification Software: A Brief Guide

April 20, 2020

Job disengagement is one of the main causes of impaired work productivity. Unfortunately, the bigger the company, the bigger the job engagement problems. The solution? A Software that motivates and engages your employees on auto-pilot. What Is Enterprise Gamification Software?

Here’s the thing: 50% of the US workforce is disengaged. Those disengagement levels cost US companies $450-$500 million per year

At the same time, a 10% productivity increase generates extra $2,400 per employee per year.

If disengagement is the problem, then productivity by way of engagement and motivation is the solution.

Gamification covers both.

Enterprise gamification software has numerous benefits:

  • It increases motivation
  • It improves productivity
  • Gamification improves company culture and results
  • Enterprise Gamification software encourages employees to engage

Normally, you could only engage employees with hands-on processes. 

You’d have a manager checking up on them, and you’d have to create processes that kept things fun.

In the end, you’d wind up with the stereotypical image of startups: ping-pong tables and beer fridges. Productivity? 

Gone with the wind.

Gamification, on the other hand, makes routine tasks fun.

Let’s illustrate how enterprise gamification works with Spinify, our gamification tool:

  • Gamification Rewards Employees for Doing Their Jobs

After a while, even the best employees can get into a lull. They’ve gotten so used to their tasks that they no longer excite them; they’re just going through the motions. 

In that case, both productivity and engagement suffer.

Spinify allows you to reward employees with points and badges for every task they complete.

For example, you can give them points for small tasks like calling prospects, and major achievements like closing a deal.

You will also keep track of their performance and productivity.

Spinify helps you track a variety of metrics and KPIs. You can seamlessly integrate them with your gamification points.

  • Automatically Celebrate Your Employees’ Achievements

It’s incredibly important to recognize your employees’ achievements. However, that can be pretty hard at executive level. 


Spinify achievement celebrations.

Whenever an employee does something significant, Spinify will trigger a celebration with music. 

  • Add Healthy Competition with Leaderboards and Contests

A lot of employees respond well to external motivation (i.e. being the best at something). This is particularly true for competitive fields like sales and real estate.

However, every collective can benefit from healthy competition.

The main way to engage your employees with Spinify gamification is through leaderboards and contests.

Spinify leaderboards are fully customizable, which includes KPIs, as well. 

You can track both micro and macro KPIs (e.g. showings and sold listings in real estate).

If your employees like competing against themselves, you can set individual goals

Every employee can compete against their previous performance, and there’s still a leaderboard that will reward the employee who’s improved the most.

  • Redeem Points for Rewards

Since your employees are getting points, they’re going to want to use those points to get rewards.

Normally, you’d have to manually see who the top performers are. 

Spinify’s gamified dashboard allows you to reward everyone who’s come far, without picking favorites. 

Add motivational rewards to your Reward Store, and approve redemptions. 

  • Streamline Employee Coaching with Entreprise Gamification Software

Coaching is a huge part of engaging your employees.

However, managers have a lot on their plate as it is. Coaching every single employee is an arduous feat; they have to manually review their performance, and then come up with coaching insights.

With Spinify, that’s automated, too!

You’ll be able to review every employee’s performance through their Spinify Score Card. 

Our tool will also give you personalized coaching insights. You’ll know exactly what an employee needs help with.

So not only are you motivating employees by turning their work into play, but you’re also helping them improve as professionals. 

It’s a win-win!

  • Spinify Is Everywhere

And we don’t just mean that we have customers across industries.

You can display your Spinify leaderboards on desktop, mobile, and even on office TVs.

Keep your employees in the loop, and soon enough, they’ll get addicted to progress!

How Spinify Helps You Engage Your Team

Motivating your team has never been easier!

Spinify is an incredibly versatile enterprise gamification software that makes your employees engage with their jobs, and increases their job satisfaction levels. 

You’ll see your productivity skyrocket in no time!

Start your free trial or get a Spinify demo

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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