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Are Real-Time Leaderboards Actually Driving Bigger Sales?

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Are Real-Time Leaderboards Actually Driving Bigger Sales? In our uber-digital, highly-connected society, we’re surrounded by opportunities to play games. We complete challenges so that we can “level up” in games. We engage in friendly competitions with our friends and family for bragging rights. It’s only natural that this competitive spirit would spill over into our professional lives. Because of this, more organizations than ever are turning to gamification to pump up their sales efforts and drive employee engagement. 

But is it working? 

Companies all over the world believe it is. In fact, 53% of technology stakeholders are confident that gamification will be pervasive in businesses by 2020. Today, real-time leaderboards are rapidly becoming a top tool for motivating sales teams, driving engagement, and increasing deal sizes. Here are just a few of the many ways leaderboards can help supercharge your sales strategy.

They fuel a spirit of competition

Most human beings (especially those in sales roles) are naturally competitive. We’ve all worked to best a “rival” at some point in our lives–whether at the gym, in the classroom, or in the office. Because real-time leaderboards provide a continuous view into sales performance, your most driven team members will keep a close eye on performance standings and steadfastly drive themselves closer to the top. 

There is an old expression “a rising tide floats all ships.” As more of your team join in the competition, the overall result is a lift in sales for your company. When your team can see sales rankings shifting before their eyes, the urgency to perform becomes even greater.

They track progress over time

Sales targets aren’t won in a day. Or a week. Or a month. You need a leaderboard that not only shows what’s happening in real-time, but that can help you identify patterns and progress over time. It will not only help you set realistic goals for each sales period, but it also helps your team compare their progress to previous quarters for a more accurate view of their overall performance.

They drive positive behaviors

If you already have a feedback system in place, is it working to drive sales, or just putting your team on edge while they wait for the next review cycle? Real-time leaderboards are the catalyst for real behavioral changes and improvements. 

If you are the sales rep at the bottom of the leaderboard, you won’t want to stay there. Instead, you’ll look for ways to improve, right? Real-time leaderboards shine a spotlight on coaching opportunities, but that’s not all; they also encourage your team members to proactively seek support and the coaching they need to become more successful and close bigger deals.

Leaderboards aren’t meant to shame under-performers and exalt shining sales stars. They are designed to give your team a path for incremental improvements. As your lower-performing team members learn new skills and behaviors, they can see immediate progress on real-time leaderboards. The result is a snowball effect of engagement, motivation, and more closed business.

They recognize top performers

Talented sales professionals are in high demand. Your top performers, while primarily focused on selling, are not immune to the spirit of competition, and desire recognition. Real-time leaderboards are an excellent way to publicly praise the hard work of your top performers, while simultaneously motivating the rest of your team to catch up.  

Attrition is expensive, inconvenient, and detrimental to your sales momentum. Remember that if you don’t celebrate the success of your team members, someone else will. Use your leaderboards as a platform to applaud your team and express your appreciation. It may seem like a minor detail, but to a sales rep who is battling it out in the field every day, it may mean the difference between years of loyalty to your company, or exploring greener grass somewhere else.

They flex when you need them to

Gamification isn’t meant to be one-size-fits-all. If you expect to take a leaderboard out of a neatly wrapped “box,” plug it in and never touch it again, you’re missing the point. You need a gamification solution that can change and grow along with your sales team.

Maybe your key metrics will change over time. Maybe your team will stop responding to the challenges you’ve used in the past, and you need to try something new. Whatever change you face, your solution should be adaptable and flexible enough to change with you. As you modify your leaderboards to reflect your unique sales goals, your team will be more likely to stay engaged and interested in the competitions you create.

Ready to build a leaderboard that drives sales?

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