Fast Start in 2017

This is the time of the year when people traditionally write down their list of new year resolutions. For me some of these goals are personal and usually involve, exercising more, eating less and being present with family and friends.

I also set out goals for the workplace. I feel that the team arrived at Xmas tired and weary from a huge year of developing new products and taking them to market. I’m hoping that they will be back at their desks in 2017 refreshed and ready for a year I suspect will be no less stressful, eventful and satisfying as 2016. My aim is to make the workplace fun and I’ve always ensured that the office has a breakout area where people can play games (video, pinball and air hockey) and there is a quiet area where people can congregate over lunch or chill out in a beanbag or two.

We believe in gamifying our workplace and that includes our work activities. While the competition may not be as fierce as in some companies there is definitely an impetus and an increase in the drive of team members to complete tasks and activities. There are also rewards particularly at the team level which encourages collegiate and collaborative behaviors in the team. In the words of an African tribal quote “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far take the team.”

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Sheryle Moon
Sheryle is passionate about sales having spent twenty of her thirty year career in “C” suite (Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operations Officer) level positions in ASX listed, Fortune 500, start-up and Non-Profit companies. Sheryle enjoys life on the bleeding edge.