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BLOG / Could Gamification And Sales Dashboards Motivate My Team?

Could Gamification And Sales Dashboards Motivate My Team?

October 1, 2019

Gamification and sales dashboards are the hottest tech development since the iPhone.

But just how effective is it, and could gamification in pair with sales dashboards motivate your team?

It’s time to find out!

Making the Case for Gamification in the Workplace

Gamification is a huge industry, predicted to be valued at $12 billion by 2021. And it’s no surprise; all our kids are playing Fortnite, we’re playing Candy Crush on our phones while riding the bus, and CEOs are taking gaming breaks constantly.

So if games are that engaging, it was only a matter of time before we started using them to fuel our businesses:

  • AutoDesk increased its channel revenue by 29% and trial usage by 54% after gratifying their free trial
  • Domino’s Pizza increased sales revenue by 30% after creating a make-your-own-pizza gamified app
  • Extraco Bank raised customer acquisition by 700% with a gamified system

What about Employee Benefits of Gamification?

Gamification isn’t a one-hit-wonder. Not by a longshot.

When we use gamification in the workplace, we see results such as:

  • 87% of employees stated that gamification makes them more productive, more engaged (84%), and happier (82%)
  • Objective Logistics increased profit margins by 40% by using gamification software to motivate their employees
  • Cisco reduced call time by 15% in their sales call centers and improved sales by 10%

And when we also consider that lack of engagement is one of the most pressing causes of employee turnover, we’ve got ourselves a winning formula.

Why Gamification Works Like a Charm for Sales Teams

There are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic.

Now, intrinsic motivation is when we’re fueled by our aspirations and goals to perform better.

For example, a sales rep improves their performance because they want to improve their skills.

Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, is a reflection of how much we like comparing ourselves to everyone around us.

When we play sports, we play because we want our team to win. We want to be better than the other team.

And extrinsic motivation is a really powerful way to motivate employees.

Sales teams take to it the most.

After all, Sales is a competitive field.

There are quotas to exceed, customers to win over, cross-sell, and up-sell. The more we earn, the more we’ll be praised and rewarded.

And the fact that we’re top performers is cherry on top.

The desire to be the best in something is only human, after all.

In that respect, Gabe Zichermann, the co-author of Gamification by Design, is right when he says:

“Gamification is 75 percent psychology and 25 percent technology.”

But how exactly can a gamification tool motivate sales teams, and where do sales dashboards fit in?

Creating a Gamified Sales Dashboard

According to Professor B. J. Fogg of the Stanford University, a successful gamification tool has to have three components:

  • It has to give users the motivation to do something (e.g. win points, get recognition)
  • It has to give users the ability to complete a task
  • It has to give users cues to perform actions

Only then can it motivate employees and help businesses achieve significant results.

Now, this is where sales dashboards come in. 

We already use them to monitor our sales teams’ and team members’ performance daily.

They help us make better, data-driven decisions and keep an eye on all the aspects we’d normally be at risk of disregarding.

However, typical sales dashboards focus on revenue too much, which has too little significance to an individual sales rep.

Yes, they contributed to the quota, but all the activities they’ve taken to get there haven’t been recognized.

They still feel like a cog in the machine.

Gamified sales dashboards, on the other hand, help you celebrate your team’s progress.

Using Spinify to Motivate Your Sales Team

Let’s look at what Spinify does for sales teams.

As a gamified sales dashboard, it performs two very important functions:

  • It lets sales managers and sales reps monitor their performance and stay on track
  • It brings light to seemingly mundane activities like phone calls that ultimately contribute to winning a customer and drive the company forward

It’s the ultimate transparency tool, and it can motivate reps like no bonus can.

Sales activity gamification

Routine tasks like phone calls can get boring after a while, causing employees to lose interest in their jobs. Their performance suffers.

But when sales reps get points and rewards for completing activities, they’ll be more motivated to reengage their tasks.

Sales reps can also get badges for their achievements and advance through different, customizable tiers.

When they’ve received enough points, they can redeem them for rewards in the customizable Reward Store.


Because extrinsic motivation is incredibly powerful, Spinify encourages healthy competition between sales reps.

You can set up leaderboards to publicly show each rep’s progress on apps and even on office TVs.

Every time a rep gets points, the leaderboard will be automatically updated, reminding everyone else to engage.

Rewarding Progress

Not every rep is the same, and sometimes it can be wrong to hold everyone up to the same standard.

After all, they don’t have the same experience or skills.

This is why Spinify also allows reps and sales managers to set individual targets for each rep.

This way, Spinify lets you use intrinsic motivation factors to encourage reps to become the best versions of themselves.

Improved Insights

Finally, gamification is a powerful way to improve your sales team’s performance in itself, but it works like a charm when you use Spinify to coach your reps.

Every rep gets a Performance Grid that shows what activities they’re completing, and Spinify even offers coaching suggestions when someone’s not progressing as expected.

Motivating Your Sales Team

Your people are at the very core of your sales performance and your company’s success.

And with Spinify’s gamified sales dashboard, you can engage, appreciate, and even coach your sales representatives.

It’s an excellent way to exceed every quota on your path.

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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