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Igniting Urgency to Turbocharge Sales Success

September 1, 2023

Whether it’s retail, SaaS, or finance, when it comes to the world of sales – urgency is one of the most viable tools your team can use. Flash deals, powerful CTAs, and promotions are small tactics your sales team can use to close deals, get more contracts signed, and more. 

But urgency is so much more than just another sales tactic. 

As a leader in the workplace, you can use urgency to inspire your sales team to get tasks done more effectively and get more business through the door, and we’re here to show you how. 

Here’s how to use urgency to improve sales performance.

The Benefits of Urgency in Sales

Think about the last sale you shopped for or the discount code you used. It’s likely that the brands you chose to shop with used language like…

  • “Last day to claim deal.”
  • “24-hour only sale.”
  • “This week only.”
  • “Last chance to save.”

This marketing language aims to add a sense of urgency to the savings. These adjustments to the language you use in your sales pitches and marketing campaigns can help push people to make a purchase. There are many benefits to also using urgency during your sales training and throughout the sales process. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • Help customers make choices quicker and pushes them through the sales pipelines
  • Great for creating a sense of “time is running out”
  • Increases revenue and improves conversion rates
  • Keeps the sales process moving efficiently 
  • Increase sales productivity and sales performance metrics 
  • Reduces the risk of buyers’ doubt 
  • Improves your team’s overall approach to sales
  • Keeps your team engaged with mundane tasks 
  • Inspires your team to stay innovative 

How to Use Urgency to Motivate Your Sales Reps

Leaders in the workplace can use urgency to motivate their sales team and push them toward their true potential. With the right strategy, you can equip your team with the resources and motivation they need to succeed in sales. 

Here’s how to make urgency work for your workplace:

Know Your Audience

To make urgency work, your sales team needs to know how to use it to their advantage with their target audience. What offers is your audience most likely to take? How does their internal sales process work? What benefits, perks, or add-ons can you throw in to make the deal more appealing to them? 

If your sales reps understand the ins and outs of who they’re selling to – they’ll be more likely to come to the table with innovative sales strategies to win new business and close more deals.

Coach Your Team

Sales coaching is the most powerful tool your brand can use. Your sales reps will flourish when you lead by example and avoid micromanaging. The best way to do this is to ensure your sales reps have the support, resources, and tools they need to confidently take on the sales process. 

With sales gamification software like Spinify, you can use each team member’s sales history to drive data-driven discussions. Our dashboards will help your team visualize their success and give sales managers the tools to have meaningful discussions between team members. 

Use the Power of Gamification

Gamification is the process of inviting game elements into non-game contexts. With game elements like leaderboards and progress bars, you can show your team how close they are to reaching their goals. 

You can also get creative and use these game elements to push your team to race to the finish or plan innovative sales contests.

This will help your team visualize their success and inspire them to make extra calls that week, follow up with leads, and book more demos with their team. 

Add a Time Limit

Time limits are great tools to motivate your team and add a sense of urgency to the sales process. If your sales team feels like time is running out to close deals, book demos, or bring in a new client – it will push them to go above and beyond in that time frame.

Find Ways to Streamline The Sales Process

The sales process should be straightforward. Your team shouldn’t need to jump through hoops or have lengthy protocols to get things done. This can lead to urgency, causing frustration rather than inspiring greatness. 

To simplify the sales process, you want to ensure:

  • Your team has the tools and resources that they need
  • They can visualize their own success with sales data and other game elements
  • You coach them through challenges and setbacks

Leverage the Power of Competitions 

Competitions are a fun, interactive tool your brand can leverage to add urgency to your team’s task and keep them on their toes. Game elements like countdown clocks and time-limit games will inspire action and push your team toward a common goal. 

Spinify’s Race and Elimination competition is a standard race that eliminates the lowest player at any point in the game. This will inspire your team to go above and beyond and motivate them throughout the workweek. 

How to Use Urgency to Motivate Your Customers

Urgency-driven marketing campaigns help bring in new business. Your sales organization can use this tactic to close deals in many ways. 

Here’s how: 

Stay on Top of Communication

Communication is key to closing deals. Push your sales reps to check in with their clients regularly and consistently, ensuring your business is always top of mind until that deal closes. 

Tell Them When a Deal or Offer Will Expire 

Did you know studies suggest that shorter time limits can lead to higher purchasing intentions? A study done in 2006 shows that setting deadlines is a great way to ignite urgency and persuade customers to buy.

This means time limits work for customers, too. 

Whether you tell them the deal will end in 24 hours or a week – this small initiative can work wonders for your sales process. If your customers feel like they’ll get a great deal if they move faster, they’ll be more likely to buy. 

Be Flexible With Your Offering 

Flexibility builds trust and gives your clients multiple options. Whether you offer a payment plan, a tiered system, or a few deals they can pick from. When your sales team aims to accommodate the customer’s needs, it will always work in their favor. 

Use the Right Language

The marketing language you use to sell your product or service makes all of the difference. There are many ways to imply urgency with the language you use. 

Whether you change the CTAs, play with your marketing language, or show your customers there is only limited stock of an item they have their eyes on. These small changes in your approach can lead to more sales and higher-value purchases. 

Ignite Your Team’s Sales Success With Spinify

No one said sales were going to be easy. If you want to increase sales, close more deals, and bring in new business – your sales team needs to stay innovative and look for tactics to persuade prospects to become paying customers. 

That’s where Spinify comes in.

Spinify is a sales gamification tool that keeps your team motivated and organized. With our data dashboards and gamification tool, you can use urgency to push your sales team to reach their full potential. Our suite of tools and game elements will ensure every team member has the resources to bring in new business and close deals quickly and efficiently. 

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